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Republic Day 2023:- Modi government allocates first few rows for maintenance workers of Central Vista Project

In an unprecedented move, the Modi-led BJP government at the Centre has decided to pay a befitting tribute to the maintenance workers and labourers who played a crucial role in revamping the Central Vista Project. The government has allotted the first few rows for them as well as for common people from all walks of lives for the Republic Day Parade 2023 to be held at Kartavya Path.  


With an aim to bring people from all walks of life at the Republic Day Parade 2023, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has included some special invitees such as maintenance workers and labourers who contributed in renovating the new Central Vista that includes new Parliament and Kartavya Path. From rickshaw pullers to vegetable vendors, nearly 850 of them are reported to be invited to witness the grand Republic Day Parade. Additionally, as per top-level sources, Shramjeevis (construction workers who helped build the Central Vista), their families, maintenance workers of newly-renovated Kartavya Path, and other members of a plethora of communities such as rickshaw pullers, small vegetable vendors and fruit sellers will be seated in front of the main dais during the spectacle. 


The theme for Republic Day 2023 is the "participation of the common people'' and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the President of Egypt, will be witnessing the Parade as he has been invited as the Chief Guest. Not just this, a marching contingent consisting of 120 soldiers from Egypt would also be a part of this year’s Republic Day Parade. This Republic Day also marks the first time when Parade will be held on the newly constructed Kartavya Path which was earlier known as Rajpath- the stretch between Rashtrapathi Bhawan at Raisina Hills to the India Gate.


The Government of India has also reduced the number of seats for the Republic Day 2023 to 45,000, with 32,000 of these seats and 10% of the total seats reserved for the Beating Retreat event which is available for online sale to the common public. The Beating Retreating Ceremony is organised by the Indian Army, with the President of India as the principal guest. The grand ceremony takes place at the Vijay Chowk, filling it with lights, music, and patriotism. It is played by bands from the combined Indian Armed Force that includes the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, as well as Army pipe bands and it marks the conclusion of Republic Day parades, symbolising the rolling back of parading Indian soldiers. 


Additionally, as per the itinerary, there would also be programmes by the Union Ministry for Tribal Affairs and Union Defence Ministry that would be showcasing art forms of various Indian states during the Bharat Parv at the Red Fort in Delhi. The flypast will also include around 18 helicopters, 8 transporter aircrafts and 23 fighters. Since the news of inviting workers at Republic Day 2023 broke out, Social Media is flooded with compliments for the Narendra Modi government. The ongoing Central Vista Redevelopment includes a Common Central Secretariat and the Special Protection Group (SPG) building which is estimated to be around ₹13,450 crore along with New Parliament Building, Kartavya Path and 18 other buildings that would house a plethora of ministries. Moreover, Vigyan Bhavan, as per the development plan, will be demolished and a new Central Conference Center will be built along with construction of New office and residence for the Vice President and the Prime Minister.

In view of the upcoming Republic Day preparations, the GoI has also barred heavy vehicles from entering the National Capital and security across the city has been beefed up.


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