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Student at Shiv Nadar University shoots himself after killing classmate 'for not accepting gift'

According to authorities, a third-year student at Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida allegedly killed his female classmate on campus before killing himself in the guys' dorm. According to the authorities, both were BA Sociology third-year students who were 21 years old and living on campus in the dorms for males and girls. 


What did the Greater Noida deputy commissioner of police say?


“On Thursday at 1:30 pm, Shiv Nadar University administrative staff notified the police that a female student had been shot and killed by a classmate outside the dining hall. The Kanpur-born student was transported right away to Yatharth Hospital in Greater Noida, where she was declared dead,” the deputy commissioner of police, in Greater Noida said in a statement.


“A firearm made in the country was found there. The male pupil passed away suddenly. According to preliminary investigation, both students had been dating for a while before their relationships suddenly collapsed”, the deputy commissioner continued.


What was captured on camera?


The incident, according to the investigator, was recorded by the CCTV cameras. Despite having glass doors, the hallway was secured. Around 1, the two students met outside. On either side of the hall are the dorms for boys and girls. The students could be seen cuddling and conversing on the CCTV footage. Presumably a gift, the male student had brought something with him to deliver to the female. She was shot after declining the package, as could be observed.


She was shot in the abdomen by the male student after she was observed rejecting the package. After being shot, she attempted to fight the attacker, but he shot her again, and she fell to the ground. After that, the individual was spotted running in the direction of the boys' dormitory," the investigator told Hindustan Times. 


Were there any on-site observers?


Although no one saw the shooting because the university has been on summer break since May 17, there may have been witnesses. 

What was mentioned by Shiv Nadar University?


Shiv Nadar University released the following statement: "We are very sorry and disturbed at the untimely loss of lives of two university students today. Authorities are currently looking into the incident, and we are keeping a careful eye on everything. Other inhabitants of the hostel are safe. Our priority still remains the well-being of the students, teachers, and other employees who reside on our campus. We are cooperating with the authorities in the investigation. Our deep and heartfelt condolences go out to the families of the deceased, we are surely supporting them in every way possible.” 

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