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Three people thrash a Policeman in Delhi


The National Capital witnessed yet another crime when a woman along with two men thrashed a police constable. On Friday night, the 50-year-old head constable, MG Rajesh was attacked by three people, while he was coming back from his duty. The accused managed to flee and they are not under police custody yet. 


In the Tilak Nagar Area on Friday, MG Rajesh was attacked. While he was seeking medical health, he gave his statement. In his statement, he said that he was returning from his duty at around 11 p.m. when two people along with a reckless driver crossed his vehicle. The car was close to the policeman’s vehicle as it crossed him. He also obstructed the car and suggested the driver drive carefully. He later observed that the car took a hasty turn to hit the policeman’s car from the front. “I made an effort to convey to them why their driving was reckless. They started speeding up once more as I got back in my car and started driving home. My automobile was overtaken, and they stopped on the road. The moment two men emerged, they yelled that they would teach me a lesson. I refrained from leaving since I knew how bad the situation was. The windows of my car were broken, and they picked up bricks and flung them at the windscreen,” claimed the head policeman.


He also claimed that a woman came out of the car, and started hitting him along with the men.

“They helped me exit the vehicle. They recognized me and informed one another that I was a police officer. They began punching and kicking me. I was attacked by the woman using a brick. The woman warned me that she would have me fired if I tried to force those men. The other man pulled an iron rod from his car and whacked me in the head while the other man was holding me. I was assaulted in front of everyone. After some minutes, I went unconscious,” the cop claimed.


Two locals later helped the wounded policeman and took him to GGS Hospital. The police staff also went to take Rajesh’s statement, but he was so severely injured that he could not communicate. The policeman said, “Those two males and the woman attacked me fatally intending to kill me and damage my car.” The teams have been sent to arrest the group against whom a charge of ‘attempt to murder’ was filed. “According to the victim's testimony and current state, it is clear that the accused struck him viciously and made an attempt to murder him after he complained about their reckless driving. In this instance, harsh action will be taken. The suspect will soon be apprehended,” the officer said. 


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