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Travel only if vaccinated; government 7-point advisory after 4th serosurvey

Travel only if vaccinated; government 7-point advisory after 4th serosurvey

According to the results of the government's fourth serosurvey, approximately 67.6% of Indians have generated antibodies against SARS-COV-2, either through illness or immunization. While this means that more than half of the population is immune at this time — amid fears of a third wave — the ministry has issued a travel warning, a 7-point advisory stating that no one should travel without being fully vaccinated at this time.

Here is the Centre's 7-point advisory:

1. No room for complacency: There is no room for complacency: The fourth serosurvey's findings provide a ray of hope, but there is no space for complacency because a major portion of the population, 32 percent, remains vulnerable.

2. Not a statement on the district-wise situation: The government stated that the local- or district-level situation may differ from the general position because the national serosurvey is simply a bird's eye view of the country's overall immunity situation.

3. State-level action is required: States must maintain local serosurveys to determine the percentage of the population immune to Covid in order to take state-level action.

4. Future waves of infection are likely: The findings of the serosurvey indicate that future waves of infection are probable, according to the Union health ministry, because certain states have reported higher immunity against Covid, while others have reported lesser immunity. States with poorer immunity in the serosurvey are naturally more vulnerable to future waves.

5. No non-essential travel: As states reduce their regulations, mobility has increased not only in tourist destinations but also in local marketplaces since the first week of July. States have reintroduced some limits after being prodded by the government. On Tuesday, the administration stated that non-essential travel should be avoided.

6. Congregations be avoided: Despite the fact that several states have reduced public gathering rules, the government says that given the situation, societal, public religious, and political congregations must be avoided. Kanwar Yatra has been canceled by the governments of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi.

7. Travel only if completely vaccinated: Emphasizing the need for full immunization, which includes the full course of two vaccine doses to be given in a specified gap, the government stated that individuals should only travel if they are fully immunized.

Following uncontrolled crowding and a plateau in the Covid-19 situation in some places, some states have reinstated the requirement for a negative RT-PCR test report for entrance.

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