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5 Factors That Will Influence HR & Recruitment Trends In 2019

5 Factors That Will Influence HR & Recruitment Trends In 2019

An era in which we are living is completely a tech-driven one. In today’s time, every small thing is depended on a click of a button. With the world going digital, how can HR industry lay behind? Having witnessing today’s trend, technology will have a great impact on recruitment. Due to the rise in new technologies, we are going to witness more developments in data analytics, AI and machine learning as well which will surely transform human resource recruitment and management sector. 

To know more about this trend and what changes will it bring, I interacted with Gaurav Bahl, CEO, and Co-Founder of KOOLCHAS. During the conversation, he shared mentioned below factors that will influence HR and recruitment trends.

Factors influencing HR and recruitment trends

More usages of digital platforms: As per Bhal, digital platforms will be more in use to reach candidates, SEO, email marketing and whatsapp. They will be playing a smarter role in engaging and retaining talents. AI will also help to gain immense popularity in improving the candidate experience by reducing time as it makes job search simpler and applying for a job quicker and easier.

Increase usage of AI and machine learning: AI and machine learning will be more widely used in employee verification which will make the entire process smarter and faster ensuring accurate results. “Past in days, we used to depend on external agencies for employee background verification that automatically involves more cost and time. And now it has become more effective in every respect,” said Bhal. 

Dependence upon Application Tracking System: “HR professionals will henceforth depend more on Application Tracking System and look for suitable candidate’s profile from their databank stored on the cloud,” opined CEO and Co-Founder of KOOLCHAS. This will make the recruitment process simpler, easier and less expensive. Candidates will also be saved from the trouble of carrying their resumes to the interview they attend anywhere and everywhere.

Engagement and culture will be top priorities; leading from the aspect of focusing on relationships over programs, HR is going to find that promoting employee engagement and strong, positive company culture as some of their top priorities in the coming year. The last thing you want is people leaving the company in droves due to them hating their job. 

Improvement employee experience: The employee experience is going to become even more important in the coming year. “With millennials entering the workforce in droves, HR professionals are going to need to change tactics to appeal to this new generation of workers who have very different expectations than previous generations,” said Bhal.

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