How to Manage Finance while Studying B.Tech in Bangalore

Engineering in India is one of the most opted courses that open up a wide arena of options for students…

How to Manage Finance while Studying B.Tech in Bangalore

Engineering in India is one of the most opted courses that open up a wide arena of options for students to explore. When we look through the prism of courses and its reach, there is a close association between Engineering and Bangalore. Well, we are not oblivious of the fact that Bangalore is anointed the tag of Silicon Valley of India, with most IT and software companies located in this garden city.

Being a cosmopolitan city, it has been continually attracting many individuals from across India and globe who come down to the city in the quest of job opportunities and, more importantly, education. So, letÂs see how Bangalore presents engineering aspirants with a broader view of the IT city and why enrolling in top engineering colleges in Karnataka can bring on a lucrative turn to your future.

Why Choose Bangalore Over Other Cities for Pursuing Engineering?

As per studies, Banglore in Karnataka ranks among the top chosen cities for pursuing an education in fields of engineering and management. The city is the hub of maximum software companies in the country and prides itself on its stupendous transportation and basic amenities.

All these points, when combined, bring us to the fore of reasons regarding what makes the city an ideal stop for pursuing engineering courses. 

Advantages of Pursuing Engineering from Karnataka

The state of Karnataka houses over 293 engineering colleges, comprising of 238 private and 55 government colleges. Each college witnesses a huge number of enrollments every year, along with many reputed companies offering recruitment through campus placement. Some of the top names include Google, Deloitte, IBM, CISCO, and much more, with an approximate starting package of 7 to 9 lakhs.

Opens Up a River of Opportunities

The state of Karnataka possesses several top engineering colleges that present to students a vast option and numerous branches to pursue in engineering. Along with being tagged as the IT capital of India, Bangalore increases the prospects in the field of engineering, IT, and other programs after their completion.

Quality Education and a Hub for Illustrious Colleges

Bangalore in Karnataka is known as the hub of top premier engineering colleges in India. These backed by a world-class education, faculties with professional backing. Occasional technical seminars make it one of the most prestigious destinations to pursue engineering. Additionally, some of the colleges also offer scholarships to meritorious students that make it more beneficial for those who wish to pursue engineering.

How to Manage Expenses When Studying Engineering in Bangalore?

Often we come across the thought of managing finances during the stay. Read on the quick top tips that can help in managing the expenses:

Picking the Right College

Choosing the right college and gaining an idea of their fee structure can help to strategize finances. So, here are enlisted top five colleges offering quality education and their fee structure:

  • University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering

One of the top noted engineering colleges in Bangalore, is a public university established in the year 1917. The college offers B.E. in 8 specializations and M.E. in 11 specializations.

Average Fees  INR 22,430 to 30,000

  • R.V. College of Engineering (RVCE)

Established in the year 1963, it is a private college that offers Bachelors and Masters programs. The college offers B.E. in 11 specializations, MCA, M.Tech in 20 fields and also M.Arch.

Average Fees  INR 53,000

  • International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB)

Popularly known as IIITB, it is a deemed university established in the year 1999. The college offers admission to Integrated M.Tech in CSE and ECE, Masters and Research Programmes. The average fee of the integrated course is INR 1,56,000/-.

  • Ramaiah Institute of Technology (RIT)

Formerly popular as M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, it is an autonomous private engineering institute established in the year 1962. The college offers specializations in engineering, architecture, management, biotechnology, computer science, and technology at UG, PG, and Doctorate level. The college offers B.E. in 12 specializations and M.Tech in 12 specializations.

Average fees – INR 66,000 to 1 lakh

  • Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT)

BIT is a private university affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). Established in the year 1979, the college offers UG and PG programs in BE, M.Tech, and MBA. The college offers B.E in 8 specializations and M.Tech in 8 specializations.

Average Fees  INR 58,000 to 65,000

Quick Tips on Managing Daily Expenses

Staying away from family for studies and managing stuff is a part of a hard life, yet it is necessary. This way, one learns to manage things on their own. It is a wise idea to save some amount each month for rainy days or emergencies.

Rentals- Hostel/PG/Flat

As a student, the first thing that every student would look out for when coming to a foreign city is finding a house/PG/hostel on rent that can charge reasonable rent. In Bangalore, the charges tend to vary depending mainly on the area. A place nearby to college, the rent may be a bit on the higher side while a little far off, it will be less. It is just that how well one manages their pocket, rest is all sorted.

Food Crises

You do not have to worry if you have chosen a hostel over PGs and flats. They provide food at a lower price. Worry not, if PG or flat is your thing, the city houses numerous food joints and restaurants that serve delicious breakfasts and dinner at cheaper rates than would approximately cost 120 per person. For better saving, learn to cook, Maggi cannot be a lifesaver.

Electricity Bill- Say no to Lavish Life

The city has terrific weather that falls in favor of those when it comes to electricity. Only in peak summers, you may require cooler otherwise fan works all the months. This can very well help one in spending an average monthly electricity bill of INR 250 to 500 for a 1BHK house. January is the coldest month and April the hottest.

Transportation and Daily Costs- Use Public Transport

It is time to get smart. Use apps that give coupons and cashback on every transaction. Go for a family pack for things that are used often, and the expiry date is far away. For things that are rarely used, small packs would work.

Shop during sales and buy a monthly pass for transportation. Using public transport to your college or taking a monthly pass will help save a few bugs and manage finances well.