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Social Media platforms and their Online Verdicts

Social Media platforms and their Online Verdicts

Social media platforms nowadays are changing into courts as people don’t even take a second to prove someone guilty. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are used to post incidents by people and then the trial starts.  Just based on the posts without knowing the whole scenario and backgrounder of the story, citizens already make them the culprit.

Let’s understand them with examples, back in the year 2015, Jasleen Kaur, 23 posted the picture of Sarvjeet Singh Bedi, 28 on Facebook accusing him of threatening her and passing obscene comments. She stated that he molested her at the traffic signal in Tilak Nagar on 23rd August. She stated that even after giving him a warning that she will expose him for what he has done, he still posed for the picture proudly and without any fear. And as soon as she posted this, People as well as media tagged him as a "Delhi Pervert" and were pissed because of the situation. The Delhi university girl got Rs 5000 as an award from Delhi Police for being so brave and raising her voice against the incident. Everyone praised her for the step she took against the harassment. Also, she was congratulated by the Chief Minister of Delhi. She got support from everyone wholeheartedly. Court trials were already taking place but Social media was being brutal to him. The man lost his job, his pride everything. Later, Vishwajeet Singh, one of the eyewitnesses pitched for Sarvjeet's innocence and assured that nothing like of this sort happened. The tables turned and all the support went to Mr. Bedi and the ball finally came in his court, his innocence was proved. On 25th October 2019, the Tees Hazari Court finally acquitted Sarvjeet of all the charges filed against him as nothing strong was discovered against Sarvjeet.

Another case is the “Bois Locker Room”; it came into reflection when a girl shared a series of screenshots of group chats from a group named Bois Locker Room. The screenshots were having a conversation in the context of sexual harassment, and about gang-raping girls. After this came out everyone on social media started hindering the image of not only the boys in the group but also every man. The world was already in lockdown so it was the only work left with people, which was to give verdicts. The cyber cell police started investigating the case and later on discovered the fact that the chat was not even between boys, the chat took place on Snapchat and the sender was a girl and the receiver was a boy. Both were juvenile and the girl just wanted to be sure about the character of the boy.

Both cases force us to think more about our nature of judging people in real life and on Social media platforms, our habit of passing on verdicts and proving someone a culprit without even getting through the facts. So, before typing anything on such platforms wait and think.

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