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Women In India Are Becoming More Interested In Sex Toys

Women In India Are Becoming More Interested In Sex Toys

Contrary to popular belief, India is actually the 5th most sexually active country in the world (according to Insider Monkey). While the whole world is progressively becoming more open-minded sexuality wise, how is the Indian population keeping up? 

The main online Indian sexshop adultproductsindia.com has released statistical data related to online searches for sex toys that may surprise you. The data shows us how the behaviour of Indian users has evolved between the first semester of 2018 and 2019.

The Sex Toys India is Searching For

Overall, there was an increase in the search for the different categories of sex toys.

Masturbators are holding the top position as strongly as ever. However, this is a category that includes a broad range of toys: from fleshlights to sex dolls and vibrators. It is interesting to observe that the total number of searches increased, but the most interesting data is below.

The search for sex dolls more than doubled, resulting in an increase of 245.71% in the number of searches.

Few products suffered a decrease in the number of searches: penis sleeves and strap-on dildos are the most significant ones. 

The number of women searching for sex toys has been increasing rapidly over the years. This year is no exception: the female users of the website grew half the number of 2018.Overall, the number of users searching for sex products in India has increased in both genders, but had a bigger proportion among the female audience with 49.13% growth in searches, while searches by male users had a growth of 17.66% regarding last year.

Age Range Comparison

Users from 25 to 34-years-old are searching significantly more for sex toys.  Adult users from 25 to 34-years-old are growing exponentially, having manifested a growth of 63.77% in comparison to the first semester of 2018.

In fact, every age segment seems to have grown in numbers - except for the younger one, from 18 to 24-years-old, which suffered a decrease of 24.22% compared to last year. 

Search Devices Comparison

People in India are abandoning desktops and tablets to search mostly on their mobile devices:  the search for sex toys is no exception.

Since the first semester of 2018, mobile searches on the adult Indian website have grown 40.04%, while desktop searches dropped 10.89% and tablet searches decreased by 9.59%. Users are increasingly looking for more practical ways to purchase the products they need. 

A Positive Evolution for the Indian Population

Studies have shown that sex toy sales are indicative of more than just a healthy appetite in the bedroom. 

Scientists have found connections between sexual positivity and satisfaction and the improvement of mental, physical, and social health. Furthermore, one paper suggests that sex toys have the potential to greatly contribute to the overall improvement of peoples sexual health en masse. Individuals who reported frequent use of sex toys showed a greater connection with partners, as well as reported lower levels of stress. 

In fact, the use of personal masturbators, in the absence of a committed partner, may help satisfy urges and promote healthier sex practices amongst single individuals. 

Sex toys in India are also making an emergence in the senior community, which according to one source, is about more than just having a good time. Sex toys, when used properly, can actually improve senior health. How? By easing some of the inevitable problems of ageing, such as dryness and muscular atrophy. They may also help protect against serious illnesses, like prostate cancer, or reduce the pain that arthritis can cause. 

What the Data Tells Us

What can be assumed from this data, is perhaps far more encouraging than the hard numbers themselves. In a country where misogyny, rape, and LGBTQ+ hate crimes still run ramped, industries aimed at normalizing healthy sexual wellness are a boon. 

Positive sexuality has been shown to have an important impact on the overall quality of life, something that India could greatly benefit from. Early sexual education and healthy discourse about sexuality and appropriate relations could have a massive impact on not only the social and mental wellness of the people but also on the legislation that governs them. 

We can’t forget that the country that rates 3rd place with most viewers on PornHub is also the country that created the Kamasutra. With all this said, the numbers strongly indicate that we are slowly walking towards an age of more sexual liberation in India. 

While India may not be known for its open sex practices, year after year the data points to a burgeoning revolution in this paradigm.

News Source: Digpu News Network 

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