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PK will embark on padayatra to meet true masters, party’s launch will be postponed

Prashant Kishor, an election strategist, stated on Thursday his plan to create a forum of like-minded people called “Jan Suraaj” with the goal of reforming his native state of Bihar. Keeping the possibility of forming a political party open, the former JD(U) leader announced a 3,000-kilometre “padayatra” (march) from Gandhi Ashram in Champaran on the Mahatma’s birthday, October 2. Kishor told a press conference in Patna that he has been in contact with “approximately 18,000 people” who share his vision for Bihar and whom he will “attempt to see personally” before embarking on his “padayatra.”

“A political party can be formed even months before elections.” “There will be no election in Bihar in the next few years,” Kishor added, avoiding direct questions about his future political plans. “I intend to go 3,000 kilometres in roughly a year.” “I intend to travel to every region of the state and meet as many people as possible in order to learn from their frustrations and ambitions,” he stated. Kishor’s firm, IPAC, has offered election consulting to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, his archrival Lalu Prasad Yadav, and a number of other political parties. The BJP and others praised the two Bihar leaders for their achievements in social and economic empowerment over the previous three decades but said there was still much work to be done. “However, it is evident that Bihar remains at the bottom of all development indexes.” “The state requires a new political alternative,” Kishor stated.

Kishor dodged questions about whether he hoped to run for Chief Minister after forming a party, but he dismissed the notion that being a Brahmin put him at a disadvantage in caste-ridden Bihar, where politics has been controlled by OBCs since the Mandal revolt. “It is a fallacy that in Bihar, your voting ability is determined by the population of the caste to which you belong. Today, Narendra Modi is without a doubt the most powerful vote-catcher in Bihar. “How many individuals from his caste are there in the state?” asked Kishor, who rose to fame after being credited with managing Modi’s extraordinarily successful campaign in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

In response to the political changes in the state, BJP spokesman Nikhil Anand characterized Kishor as a “political broker” who could serve as a “safety valve” for more established forces, while RJD spokesman Mrityunjay Tiwari stated, “Nobody in Bihar pays attention to Prashant Kishor.” Tejashwi Yadav has been designated as the state’s future leader.”

Kumar, who was also the JD (National )’s president at the time, admitted Kishor into the party in 2018. Kishor was expelled from the party after a fierce feud with Kumar over conflicting views on the CAA-NPR-NRC controversy; nonetheless, Kishor says that Kumar has always been a “father figure” and recently met the latter in Delhi.


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