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"Yuva ko Puchho" campaign will strengthen India's democratic structure- Pankaj Pandey

Youth leader Pankaj Pandey stated to the youth during the "Yuva Sansad" programme that the government spends a lot of money developing and implementing government policies, but the general public often does not benefit from them due to a lack of communication between the public and the government. To bridge the dialogue gap between the Jharkhand government and the state's youth, we will launch the "Yuva ko Puchho" campaign. With the help of this campaign, such mechanisms will be developed, so that during the preparation of government schemes, the youth of the state can be asked their opinion on these schemes, and standards can be set based on those suggestions from planning to implementation.


Pankaj Pandey went on to say that during the COVID-19 era, everyone struggled to meet their basic needs and faced scarcity. At the time, we decided to launch the "Yuva ko Jodo" campaign. Under this campaign, we appealed to the youth to come together and help each other by posting links to many WhatsApp groups; as a result, all the youth came together and began sharing business with each other and the steps taken to fulfill their basic needs; in this sequence, they also discussed the positive and negative aspects of many government schemes; this was the time when we realized that if the government makes the youth its partner when formulating policies, then they can make the implementation of government schemes more effective and beneficial to the public with their technical knowledge.


During the discussion, Pankaj Pandey stated that achieving these goals at the state level is quite simple; Before launching a new programme, the state government can consult with the youth, which is also simple in this day and age. Because today's youth are more technologically powerful and influential, the "Yuva ko Jodo" campaign demonstrates that if youth are consulted before government programmes are implemented, people will benefit more from them. Another aspect of this is that the government will avoid the expenditure that newspapers and other news outlets frequently use to publicize which government schemes have been created for what purpose and how the public benefits from them. As a result, the state government must now take a new initiative because, despite having a number of welfare schemes and being a separate state for 22 years, Jharkhand's people have not yet recovered from poverty.


Pankaj Pandey discussed his political life in detail in his address to the youth, stating that while completing his political science graduation degree, he joined Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and youth issues such as educational and university reforms. I worked on it and started many movements to get the government to better implement it. He stated that even as the central media in-charge of the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha party, he questioned the education system, claiming that students go to school "To eat khichdi and get degrees", causing India's education level to fall, which not only leads to unemployment but also raises concerns about the country's economic and social development. As a result, if India is to be regarded as a world leader, work on this issue must begin immediately.


Pankaj Pandey went on to say that, in addition to youth issues, he works for the families of the Indian Army's immortal soldiers, because if an army soldier dies while fighting on the border, the entire society bears responsibility. It is that we should provide economic and social security to their families, and to that end, we established the "Rashtriya Yuva Shakti" youth organization. Our organization's dedicated youths meet with martyr families on a regular basis to gather information about their problems and to ensure that they are resolved as soon as possible. Our organization is also working hard to increase the amount given to martyr families by the state government from 10 lakh to 1 crore, so that martyr children can receive education that meets their expectations.

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