17 year old Ayman Binte Bilal’s book ‘Hold Me’ published by Lieper Publications is gaining huge tractions

Ayman Binte BilalAyman Binte Bilal

To start with share with us what made you write this book?

I wanted to write so that people could connect to it. From the very beginning I used to analyze how people act or behave in different circumstances. Life has been hard on me too, but I started pretending when I actually wanted an ending. Writing is something that keeps me at peace.  When I started writing this book genuinely speaking, I had no idea of what I am going to write but during that process all I observed was that I was actually enjoying it. I wanted to add life to the characters I created, which I think I have been able to. I wanted everyone out there to understand that, we can’t choose what life throws at us but we can choose to believe in ourselves .

What has this experience of publishing your book? Has it changed anything in your life since your book seems to be getting some attention?

This journey will always give me a kick throughout my life as I have seen myself developing into a better version of mine throughout. After publishing my book I was actually very nervous , I somewhat started questioning myself that I should have worked more on it, I should have taken more time but then, after 2 days the response I got was actually unbelievable. People were showing interest in my book, they praised my book, some of them even personally texted me by saying that they loved the way I have described every possible event of life in just few chapters .Reading those reviews have made me feel more confident and I am actually looking forward to write more.

Anything you want to share with readers?

See I strongly believe that absolutely no one can close the door that Almighty has opened for you. If you have chosen or decided to do something then just keep doing it, keep following the path rather than thinking on what would have happened if you have gone for the other one. Always remember the truth of life is falling seven times and getting up eight times, Life is too short to be unhappy and regret is the most painful experience one can have. Believe in His plans as He is the best planner.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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