A Gift of Love to Your Business from JR Compliance

A Gift of Love to Your Business from JR ComplianceA Gift of Love to Your Business from JR Compliance

“JR Compliance is giving you a Gift of Love this Valentine with the resolution to make compliance seamless through offering an exciting discount.”

February 14: With the Government imposing restrictions on celebrations due to Covid norms, JR Compliance is providing a reason to be happy with this valentine by providing a discount of up to 50% on each compliance service.

It is an awarded compliance service provider known for providing unmatched Indian compliance services and Global compliance services, believing that – “growing and diversification is an unchangeable resolution of every business owner.”

And to make this resolution a reality – JR Compliance has come up with a Valentine sale that will be live for the month of February. However, on the brighter side, their existing clients can snoop in and avail the discount of up to 50% for 7 more days.

Well, it is not a peroration because JR Compliance – a leading compliance service provider, will give you a head start to Valentine for environment preservers as they are launching a series of new services to control and preserve the environment.  

When asked by Mr. Rishikesh Mishra (CEO & Founder) about these new services, he said, “with the constant rise in the pollution, we have a vision to create a safer environment for all because environment preservation is not a duty but a responsibility and we ought to fulfil it. And to achieve this goal, we are already providing unparalleled EPR approval services. Now, with that, we will soon become a part of those few compliance service providers who are engaged in providing services like Bio-medical waste management, Waste Management Service provider, and more.”

Further, he added, “I urge all the businessmen and industrialists to obtain applicable certification for environmental safety and others at the discount of up to 50% because it’s not about cheating the government to save some money, but it is more about the safety of human and other beings.”

The vision of Mr. Rishikesh Mishra seems to be very clear – which is not only to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality products through compliance with standards however, it is also to create a safer environment.

So, here is the BIG step taken by India’s leading compliance service provider.

This flagship discount is a long fair which will last till the end of February – for existing or new clients, which means a manufacturer, industrialist, or other concerned parties have an abundance of time to avail a discount of up to 50% either to renew the certificate or to file a new certificate.

Therefore, JR Compliance is on its way to making compliance seamless for lakhs of manufacturers, importers, exporters, and traders, accessing JR Compliance for reliable and competent services.

Considering the actions taken by JR Compliance for environment preservation and providing unparalleled compliance services, it is comprehensible that they value integrity and are ready to become an industry leader.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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