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Acknowledgement for Malappuram Peruma Song music sung by Mubaris Othayi

The song Malappuram Peruma sung by Mubaris Othayi was recognized by the Malabar Mappila Media Academy.The song is related to Mapila Tanima in Kerala and an explanation about Malappuram district.


Mubaris Othayi . song about Malappuram district in Kerala goes viral In 2020, the video album was released under the name of Malappuram Peruma. It was released through a YouTube channel called Laal Media. The song’s music, vocals, sound and mixing are done by Mubaris Othayi. Mubaris’s friend Neetu is singing along.


The beautiful lyrics of the song are penned by Aslam. The beauty of Malappuram. The song has a video containing Malappuram nature and football game. The camera is handled by Rakesh. Halim Camera was done by Salim. This song has got a lot of attention in Kerala.


It has got a lot of moments and appreciations. This song is done in a unique mappilapaat style and the orchestration is amazing. The orchestration of this song is done by Rejeeb. It has also been released on international music platforms like Sportify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. The release is also available on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram.



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