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Actor, Producer Shrinivas Kulkarni Appreciates Smita Shewale’s Throughout Support In His Career

Actor, Producer Shrinivas Kulkarni Appreciates Smita Shewale’s Throughout Support In His Career

To be successful you need to have the passion and dedication but if it is backed up with a constant support and faith then it’s the best thing that can happen to anyone. Actor, producer Shrinivas Kulkarni has worked his way out in succeeding in his career; but most importantly he’s most grateful to actress Smita Shewale for her constant support.

Shrinivas Kulkarni was always attracted to digital media field. Shrinivas has completed his MBA and MCA in IT. But he wasn’t really interested in programming. At that time Social Media Management was a rising field. Smita Shewale and Shrinivas Kulkarni had been friends for a long time. Shrinivas told her about his passion about digital media and social media field and Smita instantly told him, “Why don’t you handle my social media account? I want to do many things on my social media, I have seen many actors keep doing great stuff on their social media accounts, I would also like to give it a try and we can work it out together.” This was the first opportunity Shrinivas got for his social media career, the very first step. Since then Shrinivas started to manage Smita’s social media account. Of course, later on he handled many celebrities very well.

Shrinivas is well-known for producing music albums Mann He Wede and Mann Halwese. He has acted in films like Sawai Sarjachya Navana Changbhala and Hichyasathi Kay Pan along with many superstars from Marathi entertainment industry. As mentioned above he has worked his way out in succeeding but according to him the most important step for all of this was that first step as a social media manager. He says “I feel very grateful to Smita Shewale for believing in me when I was new. It’s her faith in me that boosted my confidence and made me put my best efforts. Social Media Manager is connected to his client on a very personal level; so, it’s his responsibility to keep all the secrecy and understand what is in the best results for his client. I am very grateful for Smita’s constant support since the start of my career. She is a true friend.”

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