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Basim emerges as one of the top food bloggers

Basim emerges as one of the top food bloggers

We all have heard about lots of food bloggers in India and all over the world, but today, we are going to talk about the person who recently spiced up the whole food blogging community with his rapid increase in followers and great blogs about foods and their recipes. Recently, his follower's list hiked from 293K to 513k in the span of 4 days, Which is recorded as a sensational outbreak.

Yeah, we are talking about Basim popularly known as Basims_plate, hailing from Malapuram, specifically-Perinthalamanna as a food blogger. He is currently one of the top food bloggers in India.

Now well one of you must be thinking that what brought Basim_plate into the limelight?

The answer is the giveaway of his used iPhone, which is planned after he received frequent requests from his supporters.

He started his career with food recipes and he's also well known for restaurant reviews which touched the audience with his honest and positive reviews, which you can find on his youtube channel having 384k subscribers. He also shares his views on spices that should go with the recipes.

He also shares his thoughts on foods of different places and compares their quality. He used to travel amazing and exciting places just to hunt for different cuisines. His recent trip includes traveling from his hometown (Perinthalmanna) to Mumbai, for delicious and popular dishes which are hard to find and have a delightful taste.

And yet he wishes to discover more secrets and exciting food places for all of us so that we all can enjoy our life with tastiness.

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