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Bishnu Adhikari Ready To Roll With His Next As He Continues To Explore Tollywood

Bishnu Adhikari Ready To Roll With His Next As He Continues To Explore Tollywood

Walt Disney once rightly said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Such was the ambition of this debutant actor Bishnu Adhikari. Born to a family in Hyderabad, Telangana, India Bishnu had always dreamt of being the superstar of Tollywood one day. But as is said, “Rome was not built in a day”, the actor's journey into Tollywood had been a hard and long penance to achieve this echelon of success. 

As a young child, Bishnu had always dreamt of idealizing Hollywood stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone for promoting fitness in the society. Unlike many actors whether in Tollywood or Bollywood who toil to sport six pack-abs on the silver screen, Bishnu Adhikari has always been a natural fitness athlete. He is one of the first athletes to have been endorsed by a supplement brand QNT. The actor has had a flair for singing as well as dancing. He decided to complete his studies in Civil Engineering in the United States Of America. Hence, he left for pursuing his master's in construction management. His life took a turn when his first-ever music video went viral with 1 million views thereby giving him a chance to sing in his debut film.

Post returning to India he tried his career in the greener pastures he had always dreamt of. He finally began his career in Tollywood with his first film titled “EK” in 2019. EK was one of the best critically acclaimed tollywood movie of 2019 that also grabbed attention of top directors form the industry. Himanshi Khurana, also a big boss contestant was seen acting beside the actor as the female lead. The executive producer of film Thag Adhikari has partnered with an OOT platform and the movie will shortly be available in Telugu and Hindi version.  Bishnu Adhikari's fans from Kollywood, Nepal have also been eagerly awaiting for the premiere that would soon be released on YouTube.


In an exclusive interview Bishnu Adhikari also revealed that he will soon be seen as the lead actor in a spy thriller film. The plot is based out of two locations one of which is his hometown; Nepal. While the script has almost been finalized the movie would also be shot in exotic locations in Nepal. The executive producer also plans to rope in a top Nepalese actress as one of the female lead. “It’s just so risky to shoot now, it doesn’t feel worth it. My parents are from Nepal and I wanted to explore the country with my story,” he adds. ClickToTweet

“Ek” also explored a man’s vengeance against the atrocious terror acts. The love song of the movie is now available in Telugu and Nepalese. The hindi version will be available soon on youtube. Apart from starring in his first successful film Bishnu Adhikari also runs a fitness apparel brand by the name of, "Superhero fitness apparel." One can also seek advice from his Instagram where he updates about his fitness tips to his avid followers (Instagram handle: @bishnurules). Though his journey had not been easy he for sure had the determination to work hard and also possessed the talent to have shined like a diamond with his debut. You can follow him on his facebook page Bishnurules

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