Bnwwear – A brand that pushes the boundaries of fashion by providing a holistic welfare to those in need


Bnwwear, the brainchild of Ayush Murarka and Kareena Singh, was initiated with the sole motive of presenting fashion with a cause. The founders have seamlessly combined their passion of designing cool & casual fashion wear with their vision of helping those who are in need. The conceptualization of Bnwwear was the result of blending these two objectives and providing a platform for the consumers to experience retail therapy without any guilt.

The name Bnwwear – Black n White wear was thought of as each merchandise design reflects minimalism and each design has a crystal clear message with no complexities, just black and white, there’s no grey area here.

What started as a small dream has now grown to partner with some of the most esteemed NGOs and dreams to be one of India’s most popular socially sustainable fashion brands.

The brand’s objective is to build a community that helps bridge the gap that currently exists in society. Their approach is to raise awareness through their quirky designs that will make you feel good every time you put them on. Those who wear their products are the real heroes who are willing to make a difference in society.  

The entire concept is backed by one simple thought – the joy of giving shouldn’t be limited. Your purchases will help construct a more secure and safe environment for those who are in need. Up to 20% of all sales are contributed for the welfare of those who have dreams but no means to fulfil them. With a primary focus on child welfare, the brand specifically aims to be more socially sustainable with each passing day. 

With complete transparency provided to the customer at every step, you are assured of where your 20% contribution is being allocated and how your purchase has helped get a meal on someone’s plate or helped enlighten a mind.

Bnwwear wishes to bring about a revolution in fashion and be the torchbearer in this great initiative. The brand collaborates with NGOs that share a similar philosophy and are willing to support their quest of bridging the gap that currently exists between fashion consumers and the disadvantaged. The cause that lies at the core of this initiative is the welfare of the little ones (holistic teaching methods, providing school bags, lunch break meals and more), protection against animal cruelty and participating in various beach & ocean clean-ups.

The vision of the brand is not to compete with mega-brands who are constantly adhering to upcoming style trends and providing fast fashion. Bnwwear uses fashion as a source to make a change and this is why you wouldn’t mind spending the money on every merchandise of theirs. The founders built this brand with the thought of giving back to the community and are support brands that believe in the same. If a single purchase of yours can help educate a child and can make a difference to a Chotu or a Choti, then just think about the bigger picture and how you can play a crucial part in it.

By TIS Staffer
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