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Bollywood Composer Jayant Sankla Talks about his earlier Days

Bollywood Composer Jayant Sankla Talks about his earlier Days

Music has always been an integral part of Bollywood movies. And often we tend to forget the people working behind the scenes who deliver such chartbuster hits. Jayant Sankla is a music composer, music producer, and singer too. Hailing from Delhi, Jayant was always drawn to music from an early age. He started learning music when he was still in school and exposed to an audience when he enrolled himself at the PGDAV College Delhi University, which later he dropped to study and Music At GMI. It was during this period that he received his first offer to compose music for a Bollywood film called ‘Narayan"

During his early days, Jayant was also a part of His Band called “Aayudh  ” which he formed with Pravesh (his best friend from school) 

It was in 2018 when Jayant landed in Mumbai to try his luck at Bollywood. He met several other struggling artists like him and got a chance to compose advertisement jingles for numerous popular brands. He even got a chance to compose TV serial title tracks.

Befriending struggling artists proved to be crucial for Jayant as he got his first break when a struggling director at the time, was hired to direct a film and he hired Jayant Sankla and one of his other friends to compose music for the film.

Although the film did not work, Jayant was signed for one more film.

Jayant went on to compose and deliver hits for the director’s next movie ‘coat'. He went to achieve a lot of recognition and accolades for his compositions in the movie. And that proved to be his turning point.

It was only looking up for the music composer from here on.

Jayant has delivered songs and soundtracks with unique sounds and styles for projects that have gained him immense respect. It wouldn’t be wrong to say he is one of the best and most sought-after musicians in Bollywood.

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