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Breaking Boundaries with Asees Chadha

Asees Chadha, a rising name in North India, is poised to waltz her way to the top in the entertainment industry. Asees started off her career at the age of seven to train at the Kalyani Kala Mandir to become a reputed Bharatnatyam dancer in South Delhi. By the time she reached college, she further expanded her arsenal to other dance forms such as Bollywood, fusion, belly dancing and most famously - bhangra. It was in 2014, when the young entrepreneur decided to proudly wear her Punjabi roots as a badge of honour and begin bhangra training and choreographies under her newly founded dance academy, Nachanshah.


Her new venture also led her back to Punjab, challenging gender stereotypes and kickstarting a bhangra revolution amongst the youth there. Asees also took her dancing skills internationally, where she hosted dance workshops in Canada and around Europe (so don’t be surprised if you’ve seen YouTube clips of her breaking it down alongside the canals of Amsterdam). She boasts a massive following of 28K subscribers on YouTube and over 50K followers on Instagram where she where she has attracted fans not just for her dance routines, but to her alternate persona, Bhunnibibi, who puts a smile on many.


Asees’ arrival into Punjab also coincided with her entry into the entertainment industry as she started off choreographing names such as Sunanda Sharma and Neeru Bajwa, as well as Bollywood veteran, Asrani, for the stage play of “Makhichoos” all while she continued performing at other dance events across North India.


Since 2018, Asees began being featured in several music videos such as her debut in Anmol Singh’s, ‘Top De Shaukeen’, in ‘Wang’ with Mani Rai and most recently with The Landers in ‘Hug Life (Jaffiyan)’. Goofy, emptathetic, passionate – and extremely lithesome when she steps on the dance floor, Asees will not back down from using her many talents to ‘smash the patriarchy’. So, keep an eye out for this Harley-riding Sikhni, as she makes an impact on and off-screen.

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