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Business savvy Sumit Singh Gandhi introduces the concept of Workvacation

Business savvy Sumit Singh Gandhi introduces the concept of Workvacation

Everyone enjoys going on adventures and exploring new places, whether alone or with their loved ones. However, vacationing becomes more difficult as everyone is devoted to some form of employment. But what if you were offered the opportunity to work while travelling? No one, without a doubt, will pass up such an opportunity. Living the same dream, Sumit Singh Gandhi, a businessman by profession, has travelled to many locations while managing his job.

A business-savvy turned traveller, Sumit is a founder of CATKing, an ed-tech company. When paired with a strategic vision, the organisation believes and has the potential to revolutionise the way education is viewed around the world. They want to raise educational standards in India by focusing on a single vision: people empowerment.

Graduating from NIT Karnataka with a Bachelor's degree in technology, he went on to study MBA at SP Jain in Mumbai as well. After that, he worked at GE for a few years before deciding to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School.

The Road less taken

For many people, working in the corporate world becomes monotonous, and they are in desperate need of a break. Sumit, faced with a similar dilemma, came up with the idea of a term work vacation as a way to enjoy himself while working. On a work vacation, one should unwind and have fun while aiming to achieve the proper balance between work and personal life.

He has been to 29 nations with this notion in mind, each of which has presented him with a unique experience. He has greatly enjoyed each of his adventures, from the streets of Paris to trekking in Himachal Pradesh. For him, travel implies much more than simply going somewhere to see something and then returning; it means a lot more.

Sumit is an avid traveller who appreciates seeing new places throughout the world. If you see him, he'll be carrying a lonely planet guide to the country or city he's visiting because he enjoys learning about new locations and their histories.

Workvacation- A new way of adventure

Sumit's goal is to create a workstation culture where people may relax without being distracted from their tasks. He not only knows a lot about travel, but he has also helped a lot of people prepare for entrance exams like the CAT, GMAT, and others.

Believing that he is not a tourist but a traveller he said, “ Traveling gives me delight to this day and I can never get weary of it or the experiences I gain via these trips.”
He has garnered numerous awards, including 'Leader in Digital Engagement Strategy Consulting (Engage7x) 2019', 'Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awarded for Skill Development & Employability by Times Network, Digital India Summit 2016', and others, owing to his extensive understanding in his industry.

For its efforts, his online coaching institute has received numerous awards, including the 'Best Online CAT Coaching in India 2020,' the 'Management Coaching Institute of the Year - Entrepreneur India Education Congress 2018,' the 'Coaching Institute Of The Year 2017 - Higher Education Review,' and others.

As a TEDx Speaker on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, he has also inspired young minds at IIM Calcutta and NMIMS. At the NASSCOM Product Conclave, the US Embassy's Social Media Summit, and the MET Hyderabad's Tech-Innovation Summit, he was also a panellist.
During the pandemic, he is coordinating a relief drive to generate donations to assist those in need. With a significant following of 24.7k Instagram followers and 98.2k YouTube subscribers on his online coaching sessions where he educates pupils about the entrance exams, he has been pushing individuals to take work holidays. In the future, he hopes to be included on well-known travel websites such as Outlook, Condenast Traveller, and Lonely Planet.

“Right now, there are a lot of travel bloggers in the sector aiming to outshine each other by producing new or unique content, and I'm really excited to see that. Everyone, regardless of how many followers they have, is an inspiration.  I'm simply delighted to see people doing what they love,” he added regarding bloggers.

Looking at his profile, it's clear that he understands how it feels to be working while on vacation.

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