Can Triple S keep his audience Entwined with his 2nd Chapter Hadd Beeti of Pleasure Of Pain?

Triple S

The Pleasure of Pain is felt in the hearts of the listeners of Triple S, through his latest release “He Changed”. The Music Web series has been so well accepted that the audience is waiting for the second chapter not just to know what happened next but to swirl through the melodious pleasure of Triple S charm swindling through his voice. The perfectly crafted lyrics have touched the basement of the emotional ridges of his fans.

The whole crew from Triple S to Kavya Thakur, Raahi Bagga in the lead with Kulvir K, Naved in the supporting role has poured their fabulous efforts. Sound engineered by Jagdish Singh and programmed by Puneet rings the decibels of the heart. Strategically mixed and mastered by DC Studios. With a perfect costume styling by GurSahiba and Harmeet Singh being the director of photography rendered right angles to the video with the post-work done by Dope Creations. Produced by Makkar Productions with Narendra Makkar as the Line Producer the Direction team includes Sikander Singh as director and Atul, Raman, Dilpreet, and Navjot as assistant directors. Written by Mani Raikoti and Shayar Meet & sung by Triple S, the concept storyline, script, and screenplay is done by Triple S himself.

The question is, would his next chapter i.e. Hadd Beeti of Pleasure of Pain would be as melodious and soulful to transit throughout the story? Will it keep the audience as interested as with He Changed? This question arises due to many reasons in fact.

The Music web series is one of its kind happening first time ever. How good the acceptance of it by the audiences solely depends on the content, which till now feels to be mind-blowing, but wait, 2 more chapters to go. The second reason is the crew and the team. All are fresh. And freshers delivering such perfection is not a miracle but an exorbitant display of talent and teamwork, together.

Triple S dared purely on to exploit this talent and incubated Mani Raikoti’s lyrics for his most unique and valuable experiment of a Music Web-Series. Entrepreneurs in art have the privilege and the intuition of the right talent. Triple S has already sowed the seeds of melodious flowers of musical fragrance through his entrepreneurial thought process.

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