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Centre – State Relationship‘ Thorn on the way’ or ‘The Treasure Key’ for Mr. Stalin ?

As Mr. Stalin swears in as  the new CM of TN, his approach on management of Centre-State relationship will be keenly watched.

Governance & Politics are 2 different sides of Federal Polity

Mr. Stalin, the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu may just focus on Governance and leave Politics (on Centre/ state relationship) to others in his party .  With such a carve-out, he could refrain from any critical comment on the Union Government. Announcing in advance that he would meet the Honorable PM, HM and the FM with or without agenda every month, will help avoid criticism that either he is ‘bending over backwards’ or being “unnecessarily abrasive”.  These are mere optics but then politics is all about optics.

Relying upon approach documents like Finance commission recommendations   & Niti Aayog helps reduce the rhetoric.

S.DilliRaj – Founder – RajGuru Advisors observes that “TN is not Delhi or WB.   DMK & BJP were in direct confrontation in a mere 6 % of the assembly constituencies only . Mr. Stalin is known for his matured approach as evidenced in the issue of memorial site for Dr. Kalaignar. Instead of taking to streets he sent Mr. Wilson, Sr. Advocate to the High Court. The Honorable PM has genuine liking for Dr. Kalaingnar with whom he has so much in common – Oratory / Indomitable fighting spirit   /Rising from State politics to National politics and never losing an election personally. As the Sun rises, Leaves will wither but Lotus can bloom”

Why not ?

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