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Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan Is A food artist who aims to learn more as he grows

People around work for money, success, needs but there among all, the list of heart followers is less. Even in this era, we find some people lacking the courage to follow what their inner self demands but then on another hand, we find people like Chef Faisal, who have achieved such great success in the field of banking but still listen to their heart, their inner self, and their soul’s desire. Yes, he did such a changeover. Reason? Inner call. Demand? passion for food. Such simplicity it takes to say this but the one who takes over is the one who knows the actual struggle that lies behind changing paths from being a well-paid fixed income banker to a chef. Chef Faisal achieved many a degree, many a certificate but couldn’t resist what he was lacking. For him, his success was not after what his heart was demanding and his passion is none for which someone would have stopped and see today he is the member of World Master chefs society and the founder of Chef Faisal Consultancy which takes privilege in advising multiple restaurants inn KSA and Bahrain. He also trains many chefs under him which has made him fluent with what we call out of the ordinary.

“I started with no clue to where this journey might take me. All I knew was that I want to follow my heart. I took multiple courses in cooking from the best of cooking schools in Italy and England and the satisfaction I gained is really hard to describe in words. I was truly on the verge of getting promoted after promoted and then making a life in banking but the call of my passion made me realize that it's better to advise the food enthusiasts rather than advising people for money. I wish to see as many successful running restaurants as I live, under my consultancy. It's like a dream to aspire all those lacks with a bit of inspiration”, says Chef Faisal in one of the interviews conducted with this challenge taker.

His step, his every step is a one to notice and learn from. He can be an idol but his down to earth nature makes him special from others. He always walks with other chefs and never shows a superiority complexion. He says, “whenever I meet someone new who comes to me for consultancy, I love to listen to their stories. I love to hear from what they started and what brings them in the field of food which will never ditch them over some promotion. Sometimes, I laugh, sometimes, cry but trust me the more I heard, the more I learned. Their stories, well, it makes me get lost in mine and by the time I get out, I am already having the best of consultation advice for what the other one demands.”

Cooking is not easy. You can't win a heart until you win yours and the increasing followers of Chef Faisal make us realize that yes, what he chooses, he sticks to that and made something out of himself. Today, if we check his Instagram handle, there are 1456 followers and still gaining pace with every single post he makes and every single piece of advice he gives. For Chef Faisal the followers he wants is not just like that, he wants it to be numbered by the number of successful consultancy services he gives and hearts he win. Well, this is something hard to hear from people these days as all are behind the love of followers. They are more after people rather than the ones who they serve and this is what makes Chef Faisal famous in his way and loved by the same.

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