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Chetan Kadoliya, founder of BadBull & Milkem takes on the world with his advanced approaches

Chetan Kadoliya, founder of BadBull & Milkem takes on the world with his advanced approaches

The concept of the professional journey provides a framework for both conceptualising and taking action to alter the trajectory and overall experience of our working lives. Every one of us is on a professional path that begins with our first job and ends with full retirement or passing on to the other world. With the same outlook, Chetan Kadoliya is an individual with a meticulous business acumen with a strong foothold in his domain.

Having a keen interest in the commercial field, Chetan launched his first business in 2016, but even after a year and a half of constant struggle, he couldn't find the success he desired. Still, never losing trust in himself, he founded a new company, Bull Clothing, in 2018, but the crisis struck again, and they were forced to close it down. Despite this, he launched a new business last year, BadBull, a clothing line, demonstrating his never-say-die attitude towards life. And, as one can witness, it's booming today!

This Indian brand stands for excellence while also emphasising responsibility and innovation. They utilise high-end, long-lasting materials and pay close attention to fabric selection, fit, and quality.

Aside from that, Chetan noticed that the organic food market has grown rapidly since the late twentieth century, becoming a multibillion-dollar industry with distinct production, processing, distribution, and retail systems. Thinking along similar lines, he founded Milkem, along with his two friends Piyush Bagwala & Sumit Choudhary. The Indian firm is dedicated to meet international product quality standards. Their product line includes milk, ghee, Lassi, buttermilk, yoghurt, jaggery, and other items manufactured from 100% fresh cow's A2 milk.

A2 milk, produced from Desi cows, solely contains A2 beta-casein protein. Cow milk has two types of proteins: A1 and A2, which vary by one amino acid. However, this one distinction can alter the way milk is absorbed in the human body.
With Milkem, he is on the mission to provide farm-fresh milk & products to his customers directly to their door without any preservative and adulteration. Chetan says that "When you're motivated to action by something you're enthusiastic about, you're said to be inspired. Inspiration might motivate you to take a risk and try something new. You must take action to accomplish anything. As a result, something must inspire activities."

Talking about his forever inspiration to constantly strive forward in the business, he further adds, “Bringing innovation in ancient techniques to make better organic products is our motto because nowadays it's not easy to get pure or healthy products. We decided to work on daily needs products and keep going ahead procuring a better standard of living.”

Chetan earned a Fire and Safety engineering from the IPS Academy in Indore. He also has a diploma in product engineering. Besides being a military and protective services professional, he began his startup and is working hard towards his growth. Instead of focusing on accolades and recognition, Chetan concentrates solely on his work and lets his work speak for itself.

Chetan and his company's goal is to work honestly and to highlight the goals that they reach in order to make the industry more successful. He also claims that his items' target audiences are young and old. Initially, they plan on concentrating on the state of Madhya Pradesh, but will soon expand to the national level. He is the prime example of a persistent person as he has seen his share of ups and downs but he never gave up. He is nothing short of an inspiration for all the young and upcoming entrepreneurs right now.

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