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Codon’s Technologies founder Shivam Joshi says “Implementation is the most important aspect of Growth”

Codon’s Technologies founder Shivam Joshi says “Implementation is the most important aspect of Growth”

Shivam Joshi is a 20-year young entrepreneur, Founder and Executive Director of Codon’s Technologies private limited, a corporate training company. He is a winner of Mayor’s Innovation awards, winner of FGSI 2020 as well as the winner of Kerala Hackathon 2020. He’s shown outstanding intelligibility in choosing and pursuing a career of his choice. Shivam knew at that young age that high pay package, high flying job, Ivy colleges can’t disillusion him. He knew what he wanted and this focus drove him to pave his own path and pursue his own dreams.

Shivam founded Codon’s Technologies in 2019, a corporate training company that is into mentoring and guiding aspiring Data Scientists, ML Engineers, Data Analyst, and various specialization programs that leads to trending skills of the 21st Century; devises and imparts training to employees of corporate. It’s provided training to employees viz. HCL, Infocepts, TCS, IBM, and Wipro, etc. Shivam is known as India’s youngest Corporate Trainer due to his advanced specialization programs that help’s employees and students to gain skills that are real-time implemented.

“Implementation is the most important aspect of Growth” you all are trapped under the adults with their vision that is the job. Due to this thinking, you don’t get time to work on start-ups, innovations, ideas, etc. The day you forgive them is the first day you start to form your own identity. Start implementing your ideas doesn’t overthink, just go for it. Dreams and ambition are only one side of life, failure can lead towards positive experiences too. Growth depends on the workflow and approach, you don’t get any brownie points for having an idea or having information, for that you have to execute. No matter what you have studied, from which university, whatever rank you may have achieved if you do not have the spirit and wings of implementation you cannot take off.

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