Cosmic Profile, the new take on Astrology, announces a practical revolution

Cosmic Profile

It’s time to turn your eyes to the heavens of the Metaverse and capitalize on the wonders they hold.

The “Cosmic Profile” NFT project is the brainchild of noted boutique social media agency Kentra Media International, a team of 18 gifted creatives with diverse talents and experience.

The Kentra team, recognizing the growing popularity of NFTs, has developed a unique project that should appeal both to savvy NFT investors and interested newcomers alike. Its focus is one that already attracts many millions worldwide: the Zodiac and the principles of astrology. In Cosmic Profile, Kentra believes it has developed the means of making astrology practical in the Metaverse, bringing it to life in new ways that enrich its meaning and relevance for dwellers in the new and constantly expanding virtual reality.

We talked to Marko, Kentra’s CEO, who explained that astrology will become a digital way of life in the Metaverse, both for those who believe, and those who are simply fascinated with the signs of the Zodiac.

The coming of the Metaverse, from Kentra’s perspective, is the essential element required to take the Zodiac and its key principles to the next level of reality for everyone. If the company is correct, the project should offer great growth potential with the many millions of astrology fans worldwide.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with many details just yet – Kentra is being close-mouthed at this stage – but we do know that they’ll be announcing the full project formally very soon.

“This will be a unique entry opportunity for both experienced NFT investors, and collectors who are new to the world of NFTs but recognize the huge potential and appeal of Cosmic Profile to an existing target audience numbering in the millions.”

If you’re new to NFTs, you probably already know that they’re an often-misunderstood form of blockchain-based investment in digital art and other creations. That’s true, as far as it goes.

An NFT is a “non-fungible token” – a unique representation of ownership in a digital artifact. The holder’s guaranteed sole ownership and the uniqueness of the token rest on blockchain technology in that the token is “minted” and registered in a cryptocurrency ledger at the moment of creation. Because the minting process involves some randomization, each token is unique. Since the number of tokens available for purchase is strictly limited and the digital product has traits that enhance its intrinsic worth and uniqueness, the value of each token tends to go up dramatically over time.

Kentra has designed Cosmic Profile to enable Metaverse dwellers to participate in a contextually deeper and more “connected” project than they can find anywhere else. The company has stated that its offering is technologically advanced in that the NFTs will incorporate unique, immersive visual and auditory experiences as part of the “digital product.” These, the company believes, will set new standards for artistic quality, public appeal, and unique high-value traits in NFT projects.

The future of the Metaverse already looks bright. Through Cosmic Profile, Kentra plans to offer Zodiac-based touchstones for identity, clarity, and personal “Metaversal” development. It also hopes to provide a sense of certainty to those who might be concerned about human connection in an alternate universe without limits.

We’ll be watching this project carefully, and we’re getting ready to learn more about Cosmic Profile. We think you should too.

Worth noting: Kentra is hosting a giveaway – open to everyone – with a prize of 1 ETH, and their drop is planned for Q1 of the new year.


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