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Creative minds in India are bringing sustainable community driven fashion with use of blockchain technology

The fashion industry is always evolving and changing, going back in time bringing the authentic era of artists to fulfill our craving for authentic fashion designs.

These artists design, and stitch top-notch authentic clothes and fashion products for brands and consumers.

The authenticity of exclusive brands also gives birth to counterfeit items across the globe which allows anyone to own a copy of famous brands for a few dollars.

Consumers have a deep desire to follow the latest trend. This pressure is rising at a skyrocketing speed with the growth of social media.

Take Deloitte’s report as an example, Approximately 50% of Gen Y consumers get influenced by social media or use social media for shopping.

Counterfeit items help people to get the latest trending clothes at a cheap price but at an environmental cost due to its fast-fashion ecosystem.

Low-quality fast-fashion goods get worn out within a few weeks and it is thrown at garbage dumps or even incinerated in some scenarios causing carbon emission to rise at an alarming rate.
Juveria Rasool, founder and tech lead at Web3 FashionFi brand Bitliberte says,

“Fast fashion is a boon and curse at the same time, we need to take responsibility to collectively make fashion more sustainable with a rising trend of DAO based Web3 protocols among millennials and GenZ”

Bitliberte is adopting the new blockchain technology to bring people together for monetary reasons and then switch them to be more environmentally conscious human beings by providing resources to reduce carbon footprint at their individual levels.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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