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Dalip Celbeqiri a digital marketing expert an Entrepreneur and Influencer of par excellence

Dalip Celbeqiri a digital marketing expert an Entrepreneur and Influencer of par excellence

Alfred Akogu aka "Skaa"… It wouldn't be wrong to say that this is the fastest-growing name in the music industry across the globe. Yes, the young singer has found a place for himself among the top-notch singers across the world in a short span of time.

He has released a number of songs on the most popular music platforms and has garnered a huge amount of praise and success there. He, however, believes that he has to travel a long way before he finally settles down.

"Music was always my biggest passion and ever since my childhood, I always dreamt of becoming a successful singer and being loved and respected for my work. I always kept making tunes on my own and used to find my own words to fit in those tunes. Soon, my close friends started liking my work and they encouraged me to carry on with my passion," said Skaa.

"This gave me tremendous confidence and I started doing it with even more dedication. I was always good at studies but the only thing that could keep me from studies was music. This love for music is now paying dividends and gradually I am finding the place I always wanted in life," he added.

"This, however, is not the end and I know I still have to travel miles before I finally can say that yes, this is the place where I wanted to be and now I can finally settle down," he continued.

Things were never easy for Skaa to follow his passion as he belongs to a family of scholars. Despite being good in studies, he wanted to pursue a career in music which was considered an odd choice in his family. He still continued with his passion silently and his hard work and dedication towards his craft finally paid off.

He currently has a handsome amount of tracks released on popular music platforms like Spotify, iCloud, Soundcloud, Tridal, YouTube, Instagram, etc. His following is rapidly increasing over these platforms as people love to listen to his music. Many of his followers send him his name tattooed on their body.

"It really is a surreal feeling that people love me so much that they tattoo my name on their body. Such gestures leave me humbled. I really love what I am doing as through this, I am able to soothe the hearts of my fans," Skaa said.

Currently, Skaa has clocked over a million plays on Soundcloud, over 800 thousand streams on Spotify, more than 20K followers on Instagram and over 12K subscribers on YouTube. With the speed he is moving ahead, soon he will be amongst the top singers of the world.

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