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Digital Gabbar Rohit Mehta inspires millennials with his discrete vision of the digital age

Digital Gabbar Rohit Mehta inspires millennials with his discrete vision of the digital age

Digital marketing as a vocation has skyrocketed multifold, it has given a new dimension to the internet and is advancing to take a giant leap with its growing approach.

There are some individuals who understood this dimension of the internet and acquired the high value skills online to be called as the reigning leaders or Gabbar's of the digitised age. Rohit Mehta is also a charismatic and inspirational soul who has not only found his calling with digital marketing but he is also motivating the current generation to find their niches to excel in the field.

An innovative and tech-savvy digital marketer, Rohit Mehta is a dynamic visionary who has acquired expertise on the various aspects of digital marketing. A blogger and a dexterous writer, Rohit has successfully published several e-books which are rich in knowledge to guide and inspire the current population with robust and practical information.

Some of his best-known works can be found on his leading news site Digital Gabbar, which is a portal where scores of digitally intrigued individuals flock to get hands-on some in-depth insights.

Putting up in Delhi, Rohit is today a happy family man who has achieved substantial success with his digital expeditions. Looking to expand on other beautiful endeavours, Rohit has never left a stone unturned in providing his followers with the best value, which is how he has proved his mettle in digital marketing and blogging.

Speaking on the same, Rohit Mehta says, "Having a background from IT, initially I also thought that I would have to settle for a conventional job in the field, albeit I always wanted to achieve something big, I never thought that what began as stints to explore and develop some complimentary internet skills would give me the required experience in understanding the nuances of digital marketing, today I feel blessed to have begun at an early age and with the horizons that digital marketing and blogging, in general, has opened for innovative internet enthusiasts, I certainly believe that sky is the limit".

In a nutshell, with his profound sense of honing his skills to excel and innovate with his mastered tactics, Rohit Mehta is a living motivation for individuals since he began his journey from a small town in Patna and continued to climb ladders which he has enabled for others to hop and grow successfully.

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