Dr. Manjunath’s “Learn More To Earn More” is a new success mantra in 2022

Dr. Manjunath's "Learn More To Earn More"Dr. Manjunath's "Learn More To Earn More"

Dr. Manjunath, a rising psychologist, encourages learners to emphasize learning while earning.

India, January 3rd, 2022 – We cannot deny that the work-life of each individual across the nation has changed drastically. While most of the professionals have adopted work from home easily, others are still struggling to make it the ‘new normal’. We have always heard of learning from home, but we had never imagined earning from home. Dr. Manjunath, who has trained approximately 20,000 professionals, emphasizes that the power of learning can be utilized for earning. Not only does his words project the power of learning but also his contemporary ways have given a head start to many individuals across the nation, and now he has aced his ‘learn more to earn more’ technique.       

The emerging mind coach trusts the process of learning and considers it as the cornerstone of any successful entrepreneur or profession, regardless of location, region, enterprise, or skill set. Dr. Manjunath’s notion of learning doesn’t only restrict itself to practical knowledge but also the knowledge that is gained through reading. He mentions that “knowledge that is attained over time is the best kind of learning you need to be successful”, additionally, in one  

of his exceptional sessions he gave a peripheral view on how to drive your brain to develop ideas after reading. It is excellent learning that is being passed on across the professionals of this nation, considering the knowledge absorbed from each book is being retained with the reader.

Commenting upon the learning behaviours of humans, Dr. Manjunath, who has been conducting his ‘read for success’ program at 5:30 am elaborates that “learning is merely a process of being fully aware. By being a mentor to an extensive group of professionals I help people assimilate information both vocally and visually, which increases their skill of communication ability. Nevertheless, I make them understand that there is no such thing as ‘learning too much’. Even the most successful people across the globe still read each day.” While defining the importance of reading, Coach Manjunath shared his experience of being unaware of the power that knowledge holds, he adds “It seems as if reading is a task, but I believe it’s better than talking. When I realized the power of reading, it uplifted every single thing in my life. Including career, relationship, and mental stability.”

Our minds too have a lot of power, and when knowledge is combined it can create incomprehensible paths of success. Once our country learns to realize its full potential with mentors like Dr. Manjunath, our chances of success will improve by a factor of 100. He aims to create a community of learners who will grow up to be prospective earners.

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