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Dr. Mukesh Bangar Solves The World’s 3 Important Mysteries; Read Here

Dr. Mukesh Bangar Solves The World’s 3 Important Mysteries; Read Here

Dr Mukesh Bangar is an author, entrepreneur and a scientist who has solved three mysteries of the world which has left everyone in a great surprise. He was born and brought up in a small town of Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Belonging to a middle-class family, his father is a retired government servant while his mother is a housewife. Since his childhood, he was intrigued by research. How does a motor engine work? Be it water pump, calculator, watch or a computer, he had questions about these gadgets and had a curiosity to know about its working mechanisms. He was very fascinated with questions like the world’s existence, the purpose of life and life after death. 

He began to find its answers and after extensive research on the internet for 8 long years, he came up with solid rational and reliable conclusions. His first question was ‘The origin of the universe’ and how the world started? With extensive research, Dr Mukesh proposed a new theory where he explained the origin of the universe and revealed that it is the Theory of Real Space-Time Integration. His theory started with the topic perception and ended with the law of the universe. The law stated that ‘Universe is emergent and symbiotic by inheritance.’ The greatest finding of his research was, ‘Zero is a mathematical value having no existence in real but nothing has an existence in reality and any existence can transform into other existence.’ Moreover, he went on to discover a similar diagram of Nobel Prize winner scientist Feynman's diagram which explains the exact origin of the universe.

As a child, he always pursued to become an engineer but became a doctor because of his mother’s dream. During his education, Dr. Mukesh came across a mysterious organ human brain. He was keen to know how the human brain works and his second mystery question was ‘What is consciousness and its nature?’ During his finding, he learned about neural networks, brain anatomy, mind philosophy and when he drew entire brain structure on single wall, he discovered Integrated Sensory Motor Loop (ISML) which is responsible for consciousness and he also proposed cognitive model of consciousness in his next theory that was ‘The cognitive model of consciousness in Toto.’

Last but not least, the third mystery is his invention – Awareness Processing Unit (APU) or a self-programmable AI. After the discovery of ISML, his passion for machines saw him learning about computing, programming languages and chip designing. During this research, he founded the home automation startup. He applied his discovered algorithms into the machine and built a prototype processor, which saw the invention of APU. He simultaneously built another machine using wireless technology which was also self-aware, self-programmable and self-governed AI. 

The three mystery questions and inventions by Dr. Mukesh Bangar are revolutionary for mankind. This research is the biggest achievement of his life and he believes that by using this technology, many unrealistic dreams of humanity will come true of which one is living on other planets. Isn’t it unbelievable?

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