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Ekam Singh aka Manjot Singh Arora emerges as a finest model in the domain

Ekam Singh aka Manjot Singh Arora emerges as a finest model in the domain

Making a come back in the industry, Manjot Singh Arora aka Ekam Singh is a successful model, fashion blogger and one of the finest actors in the industry. Hailing from Punjab, he graduated from high school and has a bachelor's degree in architecture. Manjot began developing a significant interest in the sphere of fashion blogs and exhibitions when he was 18 years old, owing to his exploratory drive. This fascination stemmed solely from a desire to dress up and look well.

Manjot began dressing up in avant-garde apparel and creating and establishing new trends that were all unique in character. He would share his photos and fashion styles on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. He was persistent in his pursuit of curating emerging styles on a regular basis for his devoted fan base.

This young talented mind eventually entered the modelling industry and began competing in numerous state and national fashion shows and contests. Manjot has a long record of achievements in his fashion and modelling career, including gaining the title of Mr Top Model of India and the subtitle of Mr Digital Face of India.

Giving advice to newcomers in the fashion industry, Manjot Singh Arora said, “One thing I quickly learned is that appearances aren't everything. Looking conventionally good isn't a surefire strategy to create a reputation for yourself in the business. Style and personality are necessary, and they can only be absorbed, learned, and developed by hard work and unwavering creativity.”

This exemplary model is very active on his Instagram profile and other social media handles as he regularly posts quality content for his viewership to benefit from.

Showing his dedication towards fashion, Manjot said, “I want to make a difference in people's lives. I also want to change the general public's opinion of fashion, modelling, and style."

Manjot Singh is continually working hard and creating his route to achievement in this regard. He is acquiring a lot of respect and love in the industry as he continues on his path to success.

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