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Emcee and content creator Nisha Shetty’s work attract brand collaborations.

Emcee and content creator Nisha Shetty’s work attract brand collaborations.

Social media has undeniably become a platform for brands to build their presence. Socializing and chatting with near and dear ones have become a thing of the past. People spending time on social media are now using the digital domain to find the right brands and products they need. It has given a rise to the content creators who are bridging the gap between brands and consumers. These creators share their opinions with their audiences about different brands and products.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a form of covert advertising. Walking on the path of content creators, we have emcee Nisha Shetty who has made her mark as a content creator. Well, in the last year everyone unleashed an unexplored potential within themselves, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. And Nisha, with her work, is proving to be one promising name among the budding content creators.

For Nisha, it was the concept of content creation that fascinated her. Besides attracting brand endorsements, she made her foray as a YouTuber. Looking at the rise of influencer marketing, the emcee embarked on a journey that she had never tried her hand at. “All these years, I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting events for brands. And now along with my primary profession of being an emcee, working with brands in order to create content for their products is a new thing for me, and is equally thrilling. I am loving this new profession. I remember hosting an event for MyGlamm once and today I am creating content for them.”, quoted Nisha.

Her content and posts on Instagram rightly justify her as a growing name in the field of influencer marketing. To name a few brand collaborations Nisha Shetty has been associated with are MyGlamm, Sugar Cosmetics, Forest Hills at Tala, Plum Goodness, Khadi Essentials, St. Botanica, Pilgrim, Neuherbs, AuntFloh, Indulgence India, HealthOptim, Coco Soul Beauty, JustHer.in, Vya Naturals, Kashe.in, Everteen and many more.

With so many collaborations in a year, the content creator seems to have no stopping in her career. Bringing out the versatility to the fullest, the emcee turned content creator is rightly playing an instrumental role between the brands and the audience. Speaking about her brand collaborations, she said, “I am growing with the flow. Taking baby steps, I am learning new things and getting to learn so much being on the other side. It feels unreal to know that my work is being appreciated by everyone.”

Nisha further revealed that she has mastered various roles in the last year. However, the primary goal set by her is to collaborate with well-known brands, and she is leaving no stone unturned for it. Moreover, Nisha’s Instagram feed is a beautiful depiction of her love for the lifestyle. The majority of her brand collaborations have been with lifestyle brands. Picking up the lifestyle as a niche category, she has garnered the attention of many lifestyle enthusiasts. Besides all this, the content creator on various occasions keeps spreading positive messages about work and life in general.

Inspiring audiences of all ages, Nisha has her eyes on uplifting as many people as he can with her distinct works. Moreover, her primary work as an emcee has seen her host various award shows, product launches, corporate launches, and other events globally. Apart from hosting events for brands like HDFC Bank, ICICI, Tag Heuer, Samsung, and Abbott among others, the emcee has even traveled to different destinations of the world. After rocking the stage and living a life of an emcee, Nisha Shetty is exploring creativity and is utilizing her time in redefining herself as one of the multi-skilled personalities on the internet.

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