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Every success story is an account of constant adaptation, improvement and development. Deepali Kambale shares what led her to ultimate success!

Every success story is an account of constant adaptation, improvement and development. Deepali Kambale shares what led her to ultimate success!

“In every success story, one will find that someone has made a courageous decision.”


Deepali Kambale, a headstrong diva established herself in the film industry nine years ago and has finally rocketed to the top of the esteemed awards list in no time! Her dream of becoming a fabulous model and an incredible actress came true when she first started doing theatre and even won an award! With a little contour and confidence, you can conquer the highest peak. Deepali has won more than 10 awards for her impeccable work as a model and actress and is aiming even higher now!


Deepali started as an actor and soon became a director and an executive producer. Since 2016, she started working as a producer and now operates her media and production house - Allveeraa Motion. Moreover, she recently won the ever so distinguished and glorious “Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Award 2021” as the Best Emerging Actress and Model of the Year! This award is the jewel in her crown of many other awards. Other prestigious awards she won in the past are “Pride of India Icon Award 2021”, “Miss India Perfect 2021”, “Universal India Award 2021” for the inspirational personality of the year 2021, “SP Infinity Award 2021” for best actress in 2021. Apart from winning various reputable awards for many commendable acting works in the past, she has now come up with a soulful and melodious song, “Bekhabar Ho Gayi" that will touch your hearts and you will never forget! The teaser of this song premiered on November 4, 2021. While sharing her life journey and the award, Deepali says, “I am so delighted to have received this award. There have been times of depression and struggle, and the journey was full of harsh obstacles. But this has only pushed me forward. I love acting, but what interests and excites me more is producing content that is rich, effective and relevant so that the audience can enjoy the media and content that I create. I am more than satisfied with my work till now and will continue to shoot for the stars”.


Furthermore, it is her most cherished dream to work in films with legendary actors and show her potential once more. Deepali is faithfully working hard in a variety of media; be it acting in the television industry, music videos or even the big screen. It is one of her long-standing dreams to work with the best and prove herself to the world. It has always been difficult for women to prove their mettle in this world. However, it did not hold Deepali back from achieving what she wanted. She is the true epitome of empowerment among women! We wish her all the best and to keep up the good work!


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