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Experts Agree that Businesses Rode the Tech Wave to Gain New Ground During Pandemic

Experts Agree that Businesses Rode the Tech Wave to Gain New Ground During Pandemic

January 14th, 2021: Technology is the elixir of business today and who better to present its case than eight dynamic personalities, including business owners, marketing mavericks, and sales gurus. On January 13, 2021, these 8 amazing visionaries came together for a “powerful transformational talk” on a Virtual CEO Round Table set up by “the talk” – a platform to promote a new leadership in media!

The topic of the day was “Rising to the challenge with Tech advantage” and the ‘challenge’ was the COVID-19 pandemic. The talk was to understand to what extent technology has enabled businesses to overcome these challenging times of global pandemic. Everyone was of the unanimous opinion that though pandemic may have stopped the world in its tracks, it hadn’t had the same effect on the businesses, especially those that had enough foresight to go ‘tech-savvy’ in time.

The participants of the CEOTalk are – Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Founder-CEO, e’clat Superior; Mr. Saurav Chaudhary, Founder-CEO, Savin Communication; Mr. Govind Babu, Partner – EMP Growin Executive Search, Dubai; Mr. Chirag Bhatia, Co-Founder, Mojo Bar; Mr. Satish Kataria, Managing Director, Aavejak Advisors Pvt. Ltd.; Ms. Janis Das, Regional Marketing Head, Mumbai, Tata Teleservices Ltd.; Mr. Jasvinder Arora, Vice President Retail, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.; Mr. Manish Singh, General Manager, SME Operations, Mumbai, Tata Teleservices Ltd.; and Mr. Amit Gurav, Manager Marketing, Tata Teleservices Ltd.

Mr. Gupta opened the discussion by saying that his business sales had gone up 10 times during the pandemic. He said, “Pandemic has been a boon for e’clat business and technology has played a huge role in it. We experimented with Facebook and Instagram while training our employees to keep up with the new processes. Technology-enabled us to connect with 1000 people at once.”

Mr. Saurav admitted that after having created a digital ecosystem, his company had witnessed a 230% growth in just the last 10 months. Currently, Savin Communication is active on more than 100 platforms, all thanks to technology and it is fast closing the gap between demand and supply. Mr. Saurav said, “We are the only company to have maximum publications onboard. We are leading from the front and working with such huge organizations not only makes us happy but also motivates us to grow further.”

Mr. Gurav appreciated the contribution of sectors like R&D and IT in helping the companies keep their heads above water all this time. He said, “Despite immense challenges, we were able to achieve the successful culmination of several projects, which included catering to a lot of COVID-hospitals. This makes us happy!” He also pointed out that with the help of an SME, creating an app or a website was now so simple. He added that these were the tools that were going to run the future businesses completely.

On the question of how 2021 would be in comparison to 2020, the speakers were once again united in their opinion. They said that the year would end on a positive note and the companies would have ample chance to prepare for the future ahead. Quite a few speakers even said that they were already on the way to ‘over-achieve’ their targets in the coming year.

Despite all the good things that were said about technology and business, there is a downside too – blurring of the balance between work and life. Hoping to put the emphasis back on the work-life balance, Mr. Saurav said that one needs to be judicious with the use of social media tools while at work. Talking about the current social media mix, he said that WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Zoho are the leading ones.

Wrapping up the thoughts for the day, Mr. Saurav said, “We are into communication and we had prepared for our digital avatar well in advance. Thanks to COVID-19, we were able to achieve the growth rate target for the next 2 years within 9 months. We consider ourselves to be communication artists and we are completely focused on digital platforms.”

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