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Fashion Influencer Shilpa Chaudhary leaves positive impact on youth

Fashion Influencer Shilpa Chaudhary leaves positive impact on youth

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic led lockdown, the advertising space suffered a setback as traditional mediums, such as billboards or signs, were neither feasible nor visible to the consumers. Thus, influencers on various social media channels became an important part of brand advertising. Many brands started collaborating with influencers for the first time, and brands that were already leveraging influencers started doubling down.

It is always surreal to know about all those individuals, especially young girls, who exude a different level of passion and brilliance when it comes to their respective industries. These young girls spellbound the world by pushing the envelope and choosing to do the unusual with whatever they lay their hands on. The social media world today is rocked by many such talented beings, but one name that has been making all the buzz for all the right reasons is Shilpa Chaudhary.
Shilpa Chaudhary is a young Fashion, Lifestyle Influencer, and YouTuber.

She was brought into the world on 09-06-1995 in Delhi, India. From the start of her life, she generally needed to investigate all that identified with the fashion world and that is the explanation for she stepping into the globe of fashion in the year 2020. She is likewise counted among one of the top YouTubers of Delhi as she is the first female YouTuber who took a challenge of 365 video vlogs in 365 days. According to recent updates, she has already completed 72 vlogs out of 365. Slowly in the wake of confronting many good and bad times during her career, she has, at last, become a motivation for many youngsters from one side of the planet to the other. She has about 538K+ followers on Instagram and about 5.7M+ followers on lip-syncing app Tiktok She is among famous social media stars in India.

When asked why to take to the digital space and not offline, Shilpa responded, Basically, because it was something that we saw growing at a very fast pace internationally. There is a lot that one can do with it and a lot of creativity that comes into play. Moreover, you can really monetize on it if you think strategically and if you really have a sort of business-minded path laid out in front of you and if you are a little bit serious about it.

Social media has proven a boon to many talented people from today’s generation. People can showcase their vocal skills, dancing talent, run a business and even channel the inner fashionista. It helped many people build a career as social media influencers which wasn’t a thing 5 years ago. One such ambitious and bright youth is Shilpa Chaudhary. She is one of the most innovative people online regarding purse fashion and styling in general.

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