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From bulky to fit, Tarun Gill’s journey inspires millions of people!

Started his career as a corporate guy, Indi’s fitness icon Tarun Gill’s journey is not less than a roller-coaster ride. After serving good ten to twelve year in the corporate field, Gill realized this is not something he wanted to do. Therefore, in order to follow his dream, Tarun left his very comfortable job and started working towards his passion.

Tarun is going to participate in India’s biggest bodybuilding competition ‘Sheru Classic’ in just a few months and it seems Gill is all set to win the competition as he has already shed kilos of weight and his body is completely transformed and ready for the competition. Helping Tarun with his transformation is a Professional bodybuilder and coach Noor khan. Tarun says “It’s been more than 112 days since I have started this body transformation challenge. when I started off, I was about 111 kilos and now I'm being about close to 96 kilos. The weight loss is consistent but at the same time you need to pack on a lot of muscle mass so this is what the challenge is about. This is about aesthetics. How you look and how you present your body. How much muscle you put on your frame. This is not about who lost the maximum amount of weight. Its about how you look on the stage. My ultimate goal is to be the best version of myself and when people decide to retire in their thirties, I decided to become proof and that's my goal to be an inspiration first for myself and then for the entire country that you can change your body at any level.”

Further Tarun reveals “Every day on youtube so here's a video going out from me every day which is getting about two to three lack views per video telling people how my body is changing, my training. Everything is transparent for people to see. This is a challenge that I have taken on myself and Sheru classic is like the world cup of bodybuilding where the best of international athletes compete for one title which is a professional card that allows any athlete across the globe to compete at an international level. It's a challenge, it's like the world cup of bodybuilding. “

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