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From cricket ground to the showbiz, Shub Chandra makes a remarkable career for himself

Shub chandra is a performer and modeI. In his life as a youth he for the most part yearned for transforming into a cricketer. He was brought into the world in saharunpur (Uttar Pradesh) but went to Chandigarh for seeking after his job as a cricketer. He took certification in Chandigarh when he was in 6th standard. There started his journey as a cricket darling. He played at public level. He won extraordinary affirmation in the game anyway in light of some family gives He expected to move to Dehradun (Uttarakhand) where He is correct now living. Notwithstanding, He continued with his cricket adventure. He was especially content with his game anyway tragically He got back injury while playing and need to give up his dream. He was genuinely broken. While He was here gathering in class twelfth he met love of my life. She prescribed him to join showing as she normally thought He has looks close by extraordinary level. She energized him and thereafter shub chandra participated in mr Uttarakhand and stood up as top 10 which was an achievement for him as He most likely knew nothing about showing world. There He started getting slant exhibiting offers and print shoots. It was there that It was viewed as by an entirely eminent person from the business and was flooded with open entryways. He did shows and traveled all India for blackberry, Nikon , flying machines ,home shop18 , cantabil, khadi wears, US polo. He in like manner did many fashion shows like Lakmé fashion week, Jaipur fashion week, Dehradun fashion week, wills lifestyle india fashion week , Rajasthan fashion week,
Van heusen India men’ week, North India fashion week, Indore fashion week, Hyderabad fashion weekand some more. He got it done with remarkable makers Soon He started getting video songs and including Hindi, punjabi and Garhwali. He similarly webbed series with Netflix which is yet to be conveyed.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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