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G I Bazar- An initiative to help businessmen to support PM Modi's Digital India Campaign

G I Bazar- An initiative to help businessmen to support PM Modi's Digital India Campaign

Everyday many start-up businesses begin and suffer a downfall but none of them ever thought to promote the sale of goods provided by small businesses and provide the backend support to induce the prosperity of their businesses. G I Bazar emerged in Delhi intending to serve multiple retail businessmen outgrow their business with a greater speed.

Founded by Vishal Upadhyay, G I Bazar has the motive to provide an online platform to small businessmen to make their business visible over the online platform and promote the sale of their goods and services at a greater pace. G I Bazar is a great initiative that will aid numerous small-scale retailers to expand the reach of their products and services over a huge online platform.

One of the youngest entrepreneurs of India, Vishal Upadhyay has been working in the realm of digitalization for the past 8 years and aspires to out-grow more through her deeds. The aim is to allow the small businesses to create a unique identity over the online platform of G I Bazar and access their services through the same. This vision and aim of Mr. Vishal Upadhyay works on the grounds of the digital realm and promotes the initiative started by the Prime Minister of India.

The entire world has suffered a huge setback due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Not only the global economy but also the large enterprises are hit severely by this outbreak. This platform is created with a vision to allow businesses to recover the previous losses and expand the business further and gain better business stability. Businesses like Shopkeeper, Salon, GYM, Hotel, Restaurants, Grocery, tourism can create their profile and develop a store similar to their offline store and provide the seeker an opportunity to buy the products and services through G I Bazar.

The motive to start the Digital India Campaign is to let the citizens of India make use of government services electronically through different digital platforms. This initiative has procured the citizens to take the advantage of numerous services at their fingertips.  Providing a business-based platform to induce the visibility of the retail business over the digital and online platforms is a great idea to deliver added advantages to the businesses.G I Bazar is an outlet that will allow small businesses to create their identity over this platform and share it across the country through digitally accessed platforms.

The role of the G I platform is to promote the registered businesses across the web and ensure that more customers are attracted to the business.  The G I Bazar platform is not retailer-centric but works simultaneously with the service providers and service seekers. The role of G I Bazar is to provide an interface to the businessmen and customers to interact and carry on the secure trade.

Each business sector will be allocated with a Support Manager to procure each business with the essential elements of the digital world. Allowing the customers to search for their desired product or service it makes it easier to buy from their preferable vendor.

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