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G Square Housing and MS Dhoni: A “match-winning” partnership

G Square Housing

On paper, this collaboration between MS Dhoni, perhaps the greatest cricket captain this cricket crazy country has ever seen and G Square Housing, one of the largest and most reliable realtors in the business appears to be ideal. 

Choosing a brand ambassador for your company is no small matter. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration before deciding on the brand ambassador. Not only should the brand ambassador reflect the ideals of the brand he /she should also be marketable so that the brand can profit from the move. In this particular case, G Square Housing seems to have made the right move as for all intents and purposes MS Dhoni seems to resonate with all their core values. 

This is a big move as both G Square Housing and Ms Dhoni are leaders in their own rights. Even after retirement, Dhoni is still regarded as a captain and leader. Similarly, G Square Housing has also established themselves as a market leader in the realtor industry. With experience of over a decade, G Square Housing has acquired an excellent reputation and credence in the market.

G Square Housing has enjoyed the trust and love of the people of Tamil Nadu for over a decade. As one of the most reputable and trusted realtor brands in the Southern Part of India, G Square Housing is easily one of the most recognizable and loved brands. They have served multiple happy customers which makes them extremely loved. Another important aspect that has to be considered is that G Square Housing has been in the realtor business for more than the past decade. They have earned a lot of trust and goodwill amongst the people of South India. They are looked up to as the best and the most trusted brand who always deliver on their promises. Similarly, Dhoni is also an extremely dependable and reliable cricketer whose mere presence on the ground is enough to bring trust. On the other hand, the love for Ms Dhoni in Tamil Nadu is not unknown to anybody. After winning 4 IPL titles for Chennai Super Kings, “thala” Dhoni has a near cult like following in South India. 

Ms Dhoni has a stellar record and he represents success. Similarly, G Square Housing has an excellent success report. For more than a decade G Square Housing has been consistently delivering world class amenities and luxuries to its customers. As a result, G Square Housing has achieved an outstanding rapport and reputation in the market.

Future implications

Dhoni is always lauded for his ability to take the right decision at the right moment. It is good to see him associating with G Square Housing which also believes in doing the same. The company has entered the market at the right time and always takes decisions that are in the benefit of their customers be it providing world class amenities or finding plots in the perfect location. These factors indicate an excellent partnership for the two leaders.

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