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Give wings to your dreams - Millennium Aviation Academy

Millennium Aviation Academy

The only academy in Patna, that boost you to become a cabin crew. Aviation has always been a fascinating field, captivating the imaginations of countless individuals, who dream of taking their career to the sky. ‘Millennium Aviation Academy’ is at its best, from 2022 and has given a lot of successful outcomes.


The reason for their success is that they concentrated on every detail, which assists the trainee to achieve their goals. In Bihar, this is one of the leading academies in the Aviation industry. The founder & CEO of this academy Mr Manish Kumar always has the vision to make people work as air hostess and ground staff and present their state as a pride. There is a stereotypical thinking, that Bihari doesn’t have good communication and body language.


Talking about the last six months' story 20 people have been placed as cabin crew and ground staff in India’s leading Airlines. This institute trains an individual physically and mentally, trainers focus on the qualities, which is required for a bright future in Aviation Industry. The academy's success can be attributed to its outstanding faculty, including highly experienced people and industry experts. These dedicated professionals bring a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to the classroom, ensuring that students receive top-notch instruction.


The faculty not only imparts technical knowledge but also infuses in students the importance of professionalism, safety and a strong work ethic. Over the years, Millennium Aviation Academy has witnessed multiple success stories, securing prestigious positions in the aviation industry. As the industry continues to expand, the need for well-trained and competent flyers remains paramount. This has emerged as a trailblazer in flying education, combining innovation, experienced faculty, and comprehensive student support to deliver wings to their career.

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