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Habits 365: Fashion For Change

If clothing makes a statement, then Eli Zied's line is all about encouraging people to be their role models. The founder and CEO of Habits 365, is busy these days, growing his business and speaking at engagements about how he turned his brand from a hobby to a full-time job. The whole idea, he said, is to show how exciting it is to start something new. “To give an idea. 

Habits 365 was created in August 2017 by Eli and Spencer Zied. Eli, now a 17-year old senior in high school, and Spencer, a 20-year old junior in college, wanted to create a brand that spoke to people on a personal level about how to achieve success. The name Habits 365 springs from the brand's mission to encourage positive habits. The founders aim to encourage wearers to stick with the daily activities that will help them reach their goals.

While designing his clothing, Eli and his brother Spencer Zied focused on producing something with a positive message to help people realize their full potential. And Habits 365 was born. The brothers went into business by putting up a simple Wix website connected to Shopify to sell the shirts, posted flyers to advertise the business, and texted friends to let them know about it. Recently, they starting to use paid Facebook and Instagram ads to spread the word.

Habits mean an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed, you have to have positive thoughts and intentions. I wanted to create something that would help people be more positive and realize their full potential, go for what they want in life and dream big,” Eli said.

The product line has grown to include a wide line of clothing, from hoodies to shirts, sweaters, and jackets, as well as accessories like hats, the brand is geared towards encouraging people to do their best.

The inspiration, he said, comes from his own life experiences “No matter what your limitations, you can achieve anything you want if you believe in yourself.” Despite his success, he never expected to become an entrepreneur, even when Eli started selling his clothing line while studying.

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