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Hiren Patel, a strategist shares his extensive journey to triumph

The way of leading the company, Teamex retail, has earned Hiren Patel loads of appreciation. His way of tackling challenges is making him reach heights in Network Marketing. The two golden rules That Hiren Patel follows are “purity and honesty”. He started from zero and today he is leading more than 2.5 lakh youth of this country making them self-dependent and increasing their MSI. 

Teamex retail pushes the usage of Ayurveda wherein Hiren Patel's ideology pushes him to make news products made from Ayurveda such that the youth today uses. It also teaches the coming generation about the use of natural and ayurvedic products.

Hiren Patel says, “When you work ethically you are not afraid to fall. Starting from scratch where one has no idea how to lead and how to find ways to reach the heights of network marketing, it was my passion that made me reach here.” He is the strategy builder for Teamex retail, who roars with confidence for his products. He is ruling over the network industry with his massive plan for coming years and he is going to extend the same in 15 states and 2 Union Territories. 

Hiren Patel is enthusiastic, energetic, full of hope and fun. The visionaries of Teamex retail consider him as their idol. As per Hiren Patel, he says when people outside India are following Ayurveda then why not in India too. Since Indians have the liberty to make use of Ayurveda in the best possible way, he urges the elder, the younger, and the coming generation to make more use of Ayurveda and its products. It ensures that you do not face any problems in the coming years and boost your immunity in a way that in harsh times like covid the body is well prepared to fight against the disease. 

Hiren Patel is working for awareness for the public in regional areas that they can look after in the long run and they can be saved from surgeries in the future. Internationally what people are following to be saved from serious issues, Teamex retail is on the route of creating awareness for the same to make India disease-free. 

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