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How to Buy Kuvasz Inu (Kuvasz) On Trust Wallet

How to Buy Kuvasz Inu (Kuvasz) On Trust Wallet

Were you late to Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu? Well, then you’re in luck! Kuvasz Inu is the newest craze in the blockchain. Kuvasz is a decentralized community-based cryptocurrency built on the Binance blockchain. The recent growth seen in dog tokens has inspired a new breed, we are here for those that missed the rocket ship. Kuvasz Inu has a total supply of 1000 trillion tokens, giving it a significantly same market cap in comparison to Shiba INU. Token Burns. What more could you ask for!

  • What is Kuvasz Inu?
  • Kuvasz Inu is a BEP-20, Binance Smart Chain based, crypto token. This token is what many crypto investors call a “shitcoin” which means there’s a high chance of a rug pull. Just like many other Binance Smart Chain (BSC) doggy coins, Kuvasz Inu fits an obvious mold of trying to do everything at once, all while doing nothing at all. 
  • Kuvasz Inu does airdrops from their website that anyone can claim by simply completing a swap on PancakeSwap, the leading BSC decentralized exchange (DEX). On Kuvasz Inu’s website you’ll find a button to claim each 24 hour airdrop, if that doesn’t work “try refreshing or clearing the cookie.”
  • Kuvasz Inu also features a bridge to PancakeSwap that they conveniently provide for the low price of an extra 12% fee. 6% is returned to the liquidity pool as a reward for the liquidity providers, and the other 6% is supposedly used to repurchase Kuvasz to burn. 
  • As if these incredible features aren’t enough, Kuvasz also has its very own NFT exchange, where all the proceeds are used to buy Kuvasz and burn it – or so they say… 
  • Just when you though the platform couldn’t get any better, they also provide a minting platform with “pre-audited” code for users to make their own BEP-20 tokens – you guessed it – for a fee!
  • Brief History of Kuvasz Inu
  • Kuvasz Inu has been trading for a whopping day, since May 20th 2021. A day isn’t a long time to be on the market, but it is probably longer than it took them to create this rug pull– I mean, DeFi phenomenon!
  • Step 1: Open an online account.
  • You can only get Kuvasz on PancakeSwap
  • (the bridge to PancakeSwap that is totally super necessary). And you’ll need BNB coins or another BEP token to swap into Kuvasz. You can purchase these on Binance.US if you’re a US resident, or on Binance if your IP address is located outside of the US.
  • Step 2: Buy a wallet (optional). 
  • If you want to keep your Kuvasz Inu safe for the long term, you’ll want to purchase a Trust Wallet or Bogged Finance where you can store Kuvasz and all your other favorite BSC tokens. 
  • Best Software Wallet: Trust Wallet
  • If you don’t trust on Bogged Finance Trust Wallet, you can also add the Binance Smart Chain network on your Trust Wallet and store you BSC tokens there as well. 
  • Step 3: Make your purchase.
  • Enter the PancakeSwap on Trust Wallet and connect with your Trust Wallet. Next, swap from a token you have into Kuvasz. You’re all set! 
  • Bonus section: Interacting with PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain will incur a gas fee for processing space on the blockchain. This fee is paid to the validators of the chain, who keep everything running smoothly. 
  • Leverage Your Crypto With BlockFi
  • BlockFi allows you to stake your cryptocurrency assets on their platform and get cash out with no credit checks required. You’ll have to overcollaterize your loan, but this is a great way to get access to your money without cashing out and paying those pesky capital gains taxes.

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