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Imran Khatri’s "Khatri Interiors" Class Has Made Him Popular Among The Royal Families Of UAE

Imran Khatri’s

Imran Khatri from Mumbai has done MBA in finance and marketing has a major interest in the construction business.

Starting his business in interior decors in 2008. Imran was always a part of the construction world as his family background.

Since Dubai is all about interiors and ambiance and glamour. It perfectly suited Imran Khatri’s profile which made him establish ‘Khatri interiors’ naming it after his family.

Having an ace architect, design theme who are highly qualified, project management team, number one engineers working under. Khatri interiors have reached the moons under the leadership of Imran Khatri.

Imran Khatri has successfully completed over 1200 commercial projects and numerous high-end residential projects working with the royal families of UAE.

Doing projects all over UAE Imran Khatri has his company based in Muscat, Qatar, Dubai and Mumbai and many other countries/cities

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