IRS Sahil Seth has been honoured as the Youth & Inspirational Male Icon.

IRS Sahil SethIRS Sahil Seth

An IRS officer of 2011 batch, Sahil Seth who is working in the department of GST, Customs and Narcotics as the Joint commissioner has been working on different possible grounds to highlight and enlighten the youth of the current rights and duties. Sahil Seth has been nominated keeping in mind the work he has delivered for his people inspiring thousands to do better in their future. On 12th Feb’22, Sahil was introduced as the Youth and Inspirational male Icon by Leamanah because of his hard work and passion for working towards society. They recently took to Facebook and Instagram to post, “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it. On this Note – Proud to announce our Youth & Inspirational Male Icon – Mr. Sahil Seth IRS – Joint Commissioner – GST, Customs & Narcotics.”  IRS Sahil Seth believes in bringing peace and harmony through art and culture through the years of his service. From introducing Indians to the multi-cultural exchange of art to setting a new benchmark in his work by debuting in a film with a social message, he has been performing his duties from the beginning. He has even enlightened people on health and fitness through the covid times which has helped him in gaining his name on the World Book of Records, London. This eventually even gained him a huge appreciation amongst the youth.

He has been recently nominated as the Youth & Inspirational Male Icon by Leamanah for his hard work towards the advancement and opportunities delivered to youth. He has been also serving as the joint commissioner of GST, Customs, and Narcotics influencing the millennials to work towards a better career. He was also appointed the Honorary Advisory to the steering committee for BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry(CCI) for the 2020 term which is an association of five major national economies including India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa.  His achievements have not just been in the field of serving as a youth face but also in the field of art. He hold the honorary post of President of Delphic council of Maharashtra where they promote art and culture and try provide platform to the artist to showcase their talent. He is a lover of art and has been introducing new forms of art and culture from across the globe giving opportunities to creativity. Sahil recently organized a gigantic first Indian celebration by the name of Timeless Expression to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the International Delphic Council and has been working on his debut in a film alongside many known faces delivering a social message on the pandemic chapters. He is also a co-founder of a NGO called Prasara Care Foundation which works for supporting orphan and abandoned old parents.  His debut film “Bal Naren” is a fictitious representation of cleanliness education to save people from the Pandemic consequences.

In a conversation, Sahil mentions, “When I was choosen to perform certain duties, I took that seriously and that is a big reason I made sure that I uplift the youth with everything I got. This democratic society has rights but rights come with duties so when you expect to get your rights fulfilled it becomes a responsibility for you to perform your duties. I believe in performing my duties appropriately and that is the reason I give my best to society. I am glad Leamanah introduced me as the Youth & Inspirational Male Icon and want to thank them for considering giving me that opportunity to serve. It’s an honor to be a part of this and I hope that I keep working hard in the future to help my society grow towards betterment. I have always preached that I follow myself and through participating in different activities, it becomes easier for me to help walk towards further development.  Our youth is extremely powerful and they are smart enough to choose the right path, all I am here for is to show that path towards development.”

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