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Ishita Dharnidharka Is A Photographer and Social Media Influencer Who Is Following Her Passion

Ishita Dharnidharka Is A Photographer and Social Media Influencer Who Is Following Her Passion

The Mumbai based travel and adventure photographer Ishita made her passion for traveling and photography as her profession and she touched skies 'literally'. In the year 2014, she went on her first trek to Everest Base Camp and this was the time when she found a professional photographer in her.

Ishita said, "Ever since then I've been enamored by both the Himalayas and the art of photography.”

Her photography skills got recognition from the people on social media networks and she soon became a brand in the business. She is one who can ditch anything for travelling and she is the one who captures every single moment during her travel in her lens. Her clicks are incredible and she knows the art of beautifying an object by choosing the perfect frame.

She has travelled across 30 countries and still counting and her love for travel can be exemplified by this. She also runs her own trekking company. "we run bespoke trips in the Himalayas of Ladakh and Nepal (website: www.type2adventures.com)," said Ishita.

Just recently, she started uploading her pictures on her Instagram profile that goes by the name 'Dharnidh' and within no time, she was flooded with the responses. She now has over 80,000 followers and her single post fetches thousands of engagements.

"To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to travel is to live..." The life of Ishita Dharnidharka is very much influenced by these lines as she is not just an adventure photographer but also an influencer for millions of budding photographers.

Her Instagram profile has hundreds of beautiful pictures of the places she traveled and it not only inspires the aspiring photographers to be like her but also it encourages people to visit such places at least once in the journey of their life.  

Her photography skills have been recognized by giants like Canon, Nokia, Google and Johnnie Walker. She even went to Peru for an assignment sponsored by the Peru tourism board. She also shoots food and interior photography commercially. She has a list of reputed clients and her work has been praised by them. Her work can be checked on her website - https://www.ishitadharnidharka.com.

She added feathers to her cap when she was featured in a TV commercial for Global Camera manufacturing giant Canon. She also did an ad shoot for international brand Johnnie Walker.

When asked about her profession, Ishita said, “Photography and travelling for me are just not a mere profession but it is a religion for me. It is my passion and I always love doing it. I find myself lucky at times as I got the opportunity to continue my passion as my profession.”

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