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Issa Sammak, a buzz in the digital marketing industry

Issa Sammak, a buzz in the digital marketing industry

Turning yourself into a digital marketing expert, that’ the fantasy of many people. Especially in today’s environment, where everything and everyone is functioning online and social media has become our new pastime, workplace, and source of news all at once. If you have a similar dream, these days making your fantasy into reality isn't all that hard,  believes Issa Sammak, a world-renowned digital marketing expert.

Every since the web has made its way into our lives, individuals have been increasingly investing more and more energy and time surfing the net. The number of hours people are spending on traditional media such as TV, radio, papers, books, and magazines has radically decreased. But that hasn’t stopped Issa from getting recognized even more. In fact, after his massive success in the e-commerce business, Abu Dhabi TV visited his company to make an interview with him and learn more information about his great achievements.

Issa said: "By now I have gained a lot of experience in the digital field and this is the field that is expanding at a rapid pace. Individuals now utilize the internet for a ton of reasons like amusement, correspondence, looking for data, and expressing their emotions in all sorts of online diaries, blogs, articles, Q&A forums, and platforms, etc.. It clearly shows the huge amount of time individuals invest on the web. That’s why it is an extraordinary chance to connect with those individuals on the web through digital promotion."

But before opting for digital marketing as your start-up option Issa advises the young entrepreneurs to become trained properly and to gain the necessary hands-on experiences in their marketing skills. For this purpose, he is coming up with a book soon and also he will be introducing his digital marketing course which will benefit the participants with numerous insights into becoming an expert in digital space.

Learning digital marketing skills is similar to learning how to ride a bike. Except following the teacher's direction, you have to rehearse everything on your own and test your driving capabilities on all the fields. In addition to this, to become a true digital marketing expert, you have to apply your abilities in various industry verticals. Practice, inventive reasoning, and tolerance are the keys to success in digital marketing.

The best thing about advanced promoting is that you can start learning and realizing your visions essentially as you go. It's a sort of DIY (Do-It-Yourself). You can get your feet wet by setting up your blog or website today. All you need is a PC with a reliable internet connection and a willingness to learn.

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