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Journo Sandip Pal Asked to Take Down His Article By This Director, He Didn’t Budge!

Journo Sandip Pal Asked to Take Down His Article By This Director, He Didn’t Budge!

During these times of marketing and gimmicks, it is the only quantity that sells, barely anyone is bothered about the quality! But, there are still a few who take it upon themselves to make sure, being in the public domain entails a lot of responsibility. It entails a lot of pressure to deliver information that matter! In this day and age, entertainment journalism has reduced to nothing but PR content that is so much replete in the media that original journalism is nowhere to be found! In fact, even in press conferences, some journalists are egged by the PRs to ask questions that according to them will benefit their clients (in this case the actors they are publicists to)! However, it is journalists like Sandip Pal who makes sure to steer clear of all such activities and is also brazen enough to ban any PR company or publicity personnel who indulge or want the journalists to indulge in such cheap tactics! 

He is always in a quest to bring reality in front of the world. In his own words, “being a public figure, I feel, the reality should not be messed with at all and I believe I can withstand whatever it takes to bring out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in its absolute nudeness!” He further says, being a Bonafede journalist, it is my duty and why would I give in to cheap PR practices.” He questions! This is also the reason behind all the problems and controversies that he has faced and continues to face in his career! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him journalism’s controversy child. Once again, he has managed to embroil himself in yet another controversy! 

Well, according to a source, “A few days ago, Sandip Pal had done a “Breaking Story” about the new film of Anurag Kashyap titled ‘Choked’. Being a competent journalist with very good sources, Sandip managed to cull out the entire story of Anurag’s film. When the director got to know about this, he thought it would really affect his film adversely, so without thinking twice, he called Sandip and asked him to take down the story!” The source continued, “However, Sandip Pal being what he is, did not take down the story and it is still very much up there.”

When we got in touch with Sandip, he confirmed the news. Quipped he, “Yes, it is true, Anurag called me to take down the story. According to him, my article was giving out all the major details of his film and it would be really disadvantageous for him and his film if people came to know about the main concept before it is released!”

Sandip further revealed, “Anurag also said, that he was anyway taking a risk by making this film with newcomers and on top of it, if media and then the audiences start making conjectures about his film from now, it would be very bad for the film. The intrigue of the film would be destroyed.”

When asked why he has still kept his article online, he brazenly stated, “Anurag did his job, he made a film, that is his job and I did mine. I wrote an article digging deep and bringing out a nice story, that is what my job entails. How can anyone stop me from doing my job? At the same time, I also realize that what he said was not incorrect. And it is obvious that he as a filmmaker will be piqued by my story.

Therefore, instead of taking down the story, I did remove a part of it which bothered him the most as the maker of the film. In this way, I kind of did what he wanted and at the same time, I didn’t cow down!”

Well, it seems to be quite a psychological affair, but having said that, taking a firm step in this way speaks volumes about Sandip’s cheek and audacity! And this is how journalists should work in real. Only then the phrase ‘free-press’ will be justified.

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