5 Study Apps every student should know

Digitalization and Technology have taken over the world. Everyone is surrounded by the latest technological developments assisting their daily lives. There were heated debates about whether it is good or bad, and every time it concluded with “the way you use technologies decides its effectiveness”. Being a student is in itself challenging but with some efficient technologies, you can plan your studies in a better way and can simplify it.

But we have got you covered with a list of these apps that every student must have on their phones or desktops to make their work easier: 

1 Quizlet – A mobile and web-based study application that teaches students through flashcards, revision methods, tests, study sets, clear explanations, and games. Through this app, one can study more effectively and efficiently. Through its intelligent study tools, clearing exams become easy. The 64 subjects it covers are all verified. It also allows you to revise the studied topics. Moreover, the comfort does not end here; it further provides limited features with the free option, and the paid version costs $48 per year. 

2  TED Talks – It is a non-profit devoted to influential videos from expert speakers in education, science, technology, business, and creativity. It helps to think positively, celebrate failures, and bring out the hidden creativity that one possesses. They are free to watch and help to grow in life. They present great ideas in just 18 minutes or less.

3  Khan Academy – The online academy provides free tutorials to millions of students worldwide. The first virtual high school offers a set of online tools that help educate students. The academy provides personalized learning with trustable content to its learners. The online academy helmed by Salman Amin Khan has around 137 million users from 190 countries and teaches subjects like math, computer science, economics, art history, medicine, health, etc. Anyone with an internet connection can access the learning videos.

4  My Study Life – An app that helps you plan for your hectic exam schedules or your regular day schedules and is more flexible than your paper planner. This also allows you to choose your layout. For example, if you have a class every alternate day, you can also select that. The technology helps you add more sections than just what is provided—an excellent app for every student. I wish I had known about it when I was in college.

5  Evernote – Again, a savior for every student. If you are a person who clips information from different websites, research work, data, or any information, you can now keep it all in a single place. Evernote is basically an electronic folder to keep all your saved or clipped information together. No more messing up things and finding it challenging to save all the info unitedly. You can also share your notes, share pages and, in fact, chat with your friends or team. The good thing to know is that the basic version is free to all. 

By TIS Staffer
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